Vincenzo Ending Explained: All about Finale Episode

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Vincenzo ending.
Last episode of Vincenzo.

What is the ending of Vincenzo? As the news has come up that the television series is on its ending. Vincenzo has been one of the most interesting series. But sadly it is coming to its end. It is adventurous, romantic, and emotional. This is the only television series of South Korea that is loved by the whole country. It is in the Italian language, but its English translation has made everyone crazy. Many popular faces have worked in this series. Now, the question arises that what will happen in Vincenzo ending?  What will be in the finale episode? And mostly asked a question that is there any second season? So, without wasting time, let’s know the answer to all the above-written questions.

Vincenzo is a famous series of South Korea. It is a television series that starred Song Joong-Ki as the title character. Song Joong-Ki is one of the famous artists of South Korea. It is the fourth highest-rated drama that reached a 7.7%  rating on its premiere. In the starting month of 2021, February, Vincenzo was aired on TVN. And its last episode was aired in the month of May, 2nd. The finale of the series has left the whole world in shock. The final episode reached a rating of 14.6% which has made Vincenzo the highest-rated drama on Korean television. Every single episode of Vincenzo is available on Netflix.

Finale of Vincenzo

Every viewer of Vincenzo is familiar with its genre. Its genre is comedy. Finale of Vincenzo was on-aired on May 2nd, 2021. In the series, Vincenzo the main character deals with the protection of gold which has been taken by a company. The company which has taken over the tons of gold is none other than a real estate company The Babel Group. This shows another focus is taking revenge. Many members of The Babel Group, a company have wronged Vincenzo. And they were close to Vincenzo. And finally, in the end, Vincenzo killed both of his enemies and taken revenge. Vincenzo has taken revenge for losing his family and friends.

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In the end, Vincenzo killed both of his enemies very brutally. He made them taste the death very closely and then killed his worst enemies in symbolic implications. First is Myung-hee. He loves Zumba and he is a corporate lawyer for the real estate company, The Babel Group. In his closet, he has many skeletons. The main thing for which Vincenzo had taken revenge is he had killed Vincenzo’s mother and Ch-young’s father. Vincenzo has killed him in a very iconic way.

Then we have a second and main enemy, Han-Seok. He had begged for his death to Vincenzo because he has made him do. After doing all his misdeeds, he has really getting paid. Vincenzo fires “Spear of Atonement”, a dental drill device that will penetrate Han-Seok 5milimetre every five minutes till his death.

Vincenzo ending
Some scenes from the finale.

Vincenzo Cast

Many popular actors have worked in this iconic series. No doubt Vincenzo has created history in South Korean Television. So for the cast on the top, we have our main character Vincenzo, which was portrayed by famous celebrity Song Joong-ki. Song Joong-ki has played this character very well. Then we have Jeon Yeo-been as Hong Cha-you. Now our enemies. The stars who played the role of villain. We have Kwak Dong-yeon who has played the role of Han-Seo. Then we have Kim Yeo-jin as Chol Myeonghui. Next is Kim Yoon-Hye who played the role of Seo Mi-ri. Then we have Kim Seong-Cheol who portrayed the role of Hwang Min.

Next is our favorite, Im Chulsoo as Ahn Gi-seok. Then Joa-Myeong played the character of Hong Yuchan. NOt only these actors, but we also have many supporting characters like Lee Cheol-Uk played by Yang Kyung-won. Next, we have Cho Han-cheul as Han Seung, Choi Young-Joon as Cho Young, and Seo Ye-Hwa as Jang Yeon-jin. Vincenzo has a very huge cast and crew. All the actors have great chemistry behind the camera.

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Vincenzo ending
A group photo on the finale of Vincenzo.

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