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Vikings Season 6: The Finale Explained

Vikings Season 6 - The Finale Explained
Still From Vikings

History Channel’s highly rated historical drama finally comes to an end. “Vikings” originally debuted in 2013 on the History Channel of Canada. Created by Michael Hirst, the series spawned a total of six successful seasons concluding recently on December 30, 2020, in Ireland. All episodes were released entirely on Amazon Prime Video. The official run wrapped up with its final episode airing on 3rd March 2021 on the History Channel. Throughout its original run, the series was praised for its natural and authentic setting that appealed to the audience. Plus the character-driven narrative and storyline set it apart from the shows of similar settings. Especially the frequent comparisons with Game Of Thrones.

Vikings followed the stories inspired by tales of the Norsemen of early medieval Scandinavia. Primarily it focuses on legendary Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok. He starts off as a mere farmer but rises to power becoming a fearless warrior and eventually commander of the Viking tribes. As the series has wrapped up, there are still questions hurling around the internet revolving around the way it wrapped up. Plus, how it sets up its spin-off Vikings: Valhalla. So here we are taking a look at the final episode of Vikings that ended the six-season final run of the series.

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Two Completely Different Paths For Ragnor’s Son

The finale of Vikings titled, “The Last Act” saw the sons of Ragnar leading two groups in a completely opposite conclusion. Let’s start with Ubbe. The warrior spent the whole season traveling the Atlantic Ocean looking for food and water. Fortunately, he found the Golden land finally. Golden Land as in North America. After rigorous struggles, Ubbe and his crew met some good people. Their dreams of living a peaceful life might come true now. The travel through the sea had its ups and downs but now Ubbe and his crew have a chance to live among new people as farmers. The thing is the dream only gets broken when Naad kills We-jitu in the hope to find Gold thus breaking people’s trust.

Vikings Season 6 - The Finale Explained

Still From Vikings

Talking about Ivar, he goes on to battle with Alfred of Wessex all over again. But after the death of King Harald, Ivar offers a truce to Alfred. The bargain involved an exchange of hostages. Plus, a land from Wessex so that Vikings can settle in. Despite a good bargain. Alfred refuses the offer. Ivar on the other hand knows that despite he has the numbers he will die anyway. So basically the plot signified how one son went looking for peace and the other went for war.

Conclusions For Ragnor’s Sons

So much like Ivar’s feeling, he met his end. He died battling in the arms of Hvitserk looking to go to Valhalla. On the other hand, Hvitserk is captured by the West Saxons. Hvitserk is forced to turn Christian in exchange for his life. While Ivar perishes in the battle with the Viking blood running hot in his body, Ubbe abandons the brutal nature of being a Viking. Instead of punishing Naad for his deed of killing a Native American, he shows him mercy. Ubbe instead of punishing him as the Vikings do give Naad a quick death.

Vikings Season 6 - The Finale Explained

Still From Vikings

The endings for both the characters signified different conclusions according to the paths they chose. First, Ivar didn’t let go of his old ways. This led him to his eventual death. On the other hand, Ubbe abandoned those Viking ways and was offered a chance for a further life into the future.

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The Sons Basically Represented Their Father

So, like the two sons of Ragnar had two different paths and conclusions, they both were somewhere part of what came from their father. Ubbe for example, much like his father was a curious mind. Always looking to explore. He also wanted to expand his further territory and was intrigued by the idea of Christianity and Gods. Plus even he dreamt of being a farmer even though he wasn’t able to. So for Ivar, he breathed the other side of his father which proved that Ragnar could also be wild, vengeful, and cruel.

Vikings Season 6 - The Finale Explained

Still From Vikings

So, Ragnar’s sacrifice inspired his sons to take these paths. For first hand, Ivar died on the same land as his father breathing as a Viking till the death. On the other hand, Ubbe pursued and fulfilled his father’s dreams looking for peace and being a farmer among people. Even though the fact does make Ubbe sad, that his father picked up the war over peace.

The Ending of Vikings: Valhalla Connection

The final scene of Vikings featured Ubbe and Floki looking at the sea under native American blankets. A brutal series coming towards an end with peace after all. The series finally paid off after many wars and bloodshed to have a quiet ending. With one taking a path of war towards his death and others fulfilling the dream of looking for peace. Both died hoping for Valhalla, the series thus could signify the arrival of Micheal Hirst’s next spin-off project titled Vikings: Valhalla. All the episodes of Vikings are available to stream on Netflix.

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