Vikings Season 5 Episode 13: Air Date, Plot And Updates

Vikings are not only back on Amazon Prime UK, but the makers have also released the promo for Episode 13, and Traditionally Vikings are airs on History Channel. The Episode 13 of Season 5 is titled as “A New God,” and according to the official description, it is about Heahmund who must convince King Alfred that all his actions are nothing but in defense of the crown. The duo Ubbe and Torvi have seen it strengthen the position of the Vikings, but the twist in the story is that not all of the Viking camp support their strategy. At the same time, we see another settler who disappears in Iceland.

As obvious, Ivar’s reign of terror and tensions between Vikings and King Alfred continue to rise. For now, the only fair observation from Episode 13 promo is that Vikings is going to be dramatic than ever. Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen) is planning a human sacrifice. For now, Ivar’s sacrificial human is unknown, but Ivar for sure doesn’t have any less human enemies to choose from. Keep in mind, Ivar also mentions the subject of sacrifice must be someone unheard of.

Also in the promo, Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) tells Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) that the king wants the Vikings to be baptized into the Christian faith which doesn’t seem to go well with Bjorn.

Vikings Season 5 Episode 13: Release Date

Vikings Season 5 Episode 13 will be available on twin platforms, one after the other. It should be noted that Vikings is only available on Amazon Prime for fans in the UK. In the USA Vikings comes on History Channel at 9 pm Wednesday, December 12. And a day later, it comes out on Amazon Prime in the UK.

Vikings Season 5 Episode 13: Cast
The main cast of Vikings Season 5 includes:
Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers)
Lord Cuthred (Jonathan Delaney Tynan) killed in Episode 12
King Alfred (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo)
Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick)
Torvi (Georgia Hirst)
Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith)
Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig)
Ivar the Boneless (played by Alex Hogh Andersen).

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