Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 Release Date And Update

The fifth season of the Vikings is half finished, and we can’t really wait for the other half of the show to air. The midseason finale was really intense, and History will be hoping to build upon it. We can expect a lot of surprises in the upcoming episodes. The fans are anxiously waiting for the new episodes. We have also received the confirmation that the show will be coming back for its sixth season. So, that’s a plus point. We will talk about the sixth season in detail later.

Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 Release Date

It will be worth seeing who manages to survive until the end of the fifth season. The show is pretty violent and full of some juicy murders. So, it will be difficult to make about the future. The murders and the story make the show outstanding. There have been rumors that Lagertha will die in the latter part of the fifth season. The rumor mongers have also suggested that Ivar the Boneless will meet his end.

The eleventh episode of the fifth season will air on November 28, 2018. The release is still some time away. We have also received a trailer for the fifth season. In the trailer, The Seer said, “The war is not over.”

Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 Release Date

Michael Hirst, the creator of the series, had his say on the fifth season. He said, “With Ivar having defeated his brothers and gained Kattegat, some of the heroes end up in Wessex seeking safety from Ivar. This season is very much Ivar in ascendant.”

Michael further hinted that we might see the return of Rollo in the second part. “You have to find out why he’s come back. He’s come back for a very particular reason — a reason that goes way back into the first season of the show.  There are unresolved issues in his personal life with his brother and Lagertha, and these are issues that he still wants to deal with,” he said.

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