Venom DVD / Blu-ray Release Date In USA

Venom has been the subject of many debates over the internet. Many people have been bashing the movie for a variety of reasons. A lot of fans have expressed their anger over the movie. They have called it feeble, and it has been labeled as average by many people. However, there are fans, who actually enjoyed the movie and they would certainly want to see it again if they got a chance.

It is not possible for everyone to actually go and watch the movie at a theater. So, their best bet would be to wait for the DVD release of the movie in order to watch the movie on their home screens. The movie was released in the theaters on October 5, 2018. So, far we haven’t received any word about the release of the Venom DVD. However, it has speculated that the DVD will be released April-May 2019.

Venom DVD

The fans are also expecting to get the DVD in January 2019. But, there has been no official statement about this. I wouldn’t mind the DVD coming out earlier as I like watching movies at home. If you are interested in the plot of the movie, I’ll drop the details below. The movie follows the story of Eddie Brock. He is a robust journalist, who is always in search of the truth.

While investigating a new type of life form by a corporation, Brock comes in contact with the symbiote, and he merges with it. He starts to hear a voice in his head, and it grows stronger, and it tries to control Eddie’s actions. Brock’s life becomes chaotic as he has to deal with two major problems. He must keep the symbiote at bay and at the same time remain out of the clutches of the corporation as they try to get their experiment back.

The movie is really good, and if you haven’t watched, then I highly recommend watching it. I would advise not to check the reviews of other people cause not everyone has the same taste. So, just go and see it for yourself.

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