Venom 2 Release Date: Everything We Know So Far About Venom’s Sequel

Sony-Marvel’s Venom is a story of a breakout, spin-off hit. Though Venom now is a Marvel character, Sony possesses rights to it too. Released on October 5′ 2018, Venom is one of the successful movies of 2018. Venom has done business of over $400 million and has no plans of stopping.

Fans of Spider-Man must remember Venom from the 2007 movie Spider-Man 3. Since 2007 Sony had plans to expand the scope of this character and give it an exclusive movie. Venom is a classic example of a critically dud movie but a box office mega. Tom Hardy received praise for his performance as Eddie Brock/ Venom, a journalist who becomes a host of an alien symbiote and thus Venom was born. Venom was produced by Colombia pictures in partnership with Marvel.

Venom 2: Sequel Happening?

So as of now, there are hints about a possible sequel. Sony/ Marvel is in works and gearing up for a sequel to Venom 2. Tom Hardy recently opened on the future of Venom 2. Tom said that there’s a lot that could be done with Venom and that he’s signed up for three such movies. So, for now, know that Tom is thrilled to do another movie. And if the sequel does happen, it will star Woody Harrelson.

If you have seen the movie, you must be aware of how end credit scenes were shown, with no details and that’s precisely what’s hinting towards a sequel. Venom is a huge hit, and if it is given a chance for a sequel, it might prove worthy of critical praise too. Like in case of Thor: Ragnarok. A better sequel could happen with Venom. Since Venom came out in October 2018, if Venom 2 happens, it shall not come before 2020, is my prediction. Who knows, we may even see a Spider-Man crossover.

Venom: DVD/Blu-ray Release Date

As for the prequel, it is yet to be released on DVD/Blu-ray. No official dates have been announced for DVD and Blu-ray release as of now. It’s too soon to say anything at this point as it’s currently running in cinemas. A Christmas Release could be a possibility. I guess that Venom will come out on DVD/ Blu-ray in January of 2019, post Christmas, around the new year maybe. And after that, the digital release will also happen. You may pre-order Venom from HMV for the Blu-ray, DVD, and Venom (HMV Exclusive) Limited Edition 4K Ultra HD Steelbook.

Venom: Netflix/ Special Edition Release

As of now, there are no set plans for Venom Netflix release, but there are plans for it happening as well. Besides the 4K Ultras, HD Steelbook there’s talk of a Special Edition release too. Didn’t Tom Hardy say that he played around with the character for over 7 hours? Hardy has also said 40 minutes of extra footage exists with the studio, so who knows, you know? The DVD and Blu-ray might contain this extra footage. More as we have it.

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