Vegito VS Gogeta: Who Is Better In The Tournament Of Power?


Because of Kale and Caulifla’s fusion in the near future, the concept of fusion is once again the talk of the town in Dragon Ball Super. Kefura, the fusion character that will be the result of their fusion will be hitting our screens in the next episode. Everyone is hyped to know that the usage of Potara earrings is not really prohibited. And with this revelation, Vegito fans are really excited.

Who wouldn’t get excited? Every time Vegito appears in any Dragon Ball episode, he would surely make an explosive performance. He nearly defeated Fused Zamasu with Super Saiyan Blue and he actually surpassed Beerus, the supposed to be strongest God of Destruction. And he is a funny guy, who wouldn’t want to get a good laugh once in a while?

But before Vegito, one fusion character is the content of every theories about fusion. Since the Potara earrings was supposed to be prohibited before, no one mentions Vegito that much. People are more interested to Gogeta, who is the fusion dance equivalent of Vegito. Gogeta is slightly weaker than Vegito, but he is still expected to be in the God-tier in a sense that he can be Beerus’ equal or the nearest challenger.

Two different fusion characters, two different characteristics, but with the same base fusees. And now that they can both appear in the Tournament of Power, who would be the one to appear? Who would be the better choice in the Tournament of Power? Who would be the one that can make Jiren drop his cool composure?

Let’s start with Vegito. This fusion character is more Goku than Vegeta. Vegito will make jokes and will actually let his enemy power-up first before fighting seriously. Vegito is also a more free-style fighter than Gogeta. With Goku’s ingenuity, Vegito’s moves are unexpected and of course, more unpredictable. With Vegeta’s strictness, Goku’s weakness of letting his guard down is nullified.

Gogeta, on the other hand, is a more serious fighter. He is more Vegeta than Goku and will eliminate a threat immediately when needed. Gogeta is more focused on the objective rather than the thrill of fighting. He is expected to get explosive from the start and will try to finish the battle as soon as possible. Goku’s carefree nature makes Vegeta’s tenseness null.

Who would be the better pick? I think it depends on the situation that will arise in the future. If Potara Fusion is allowed, but Goku doesn’t have the goddamned earrings, they are stuck with Gogeta. But if for some reason, they can get their hands on a pair of earrings, we can expect Vegito making a grand entrance.