This Is How Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct Might Look Like


Vegeta is one of the characters that have a great fanbase in the Dragon Ball series. Since he came to Earth in the Saiyan Saga, he has proven that he is one of the most capable warriors in his universe. And because of his tenacity and determination, he acquired almost all the forms that Goku managed to discover.

Now that Goku acquired another transformation:  the Ultra Instinct, which even the Gods cannot attain easily, fans are expecting Vegeta to get the transformation too. But thanks to a fan theory about Ultra Instinct, we might as well see Vegeta attaining an Ultra instinct form different to Goku’s. This is called the Ultra Instinct Attack mode.

The UI attack mode is said to be the other half of the incomplete Ultra Instinct that Goku has, which is dubbed as the Ultra Instinct Defense. Are you excited to see the looks of Ultra Instinct Attack mode? Well, you are not alone, because the more creative and skilled folks from the fanbase just gave their initial take on Ultra Instinct Attack Mode Vegeta.

Folks from Mastar Media posted an Ultra Instinct Vegeta with the smug look on his face and silver eyes. Mixed in with the Ultra Instinct soundtrack and more details for the effect, this mini clip gave me shivers. The glare that Vegeta gave would surely make Frieza’s sweat trickle from his shiny gold forehead.

There is still no confirmation about Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct mode and it seems like we might not see it for quite some time. The spotlight is still in Goku and the other universes. Namekians will have an ultimate battle next episode and it will be Piccolo’s first main battle for quite some time. But just like Vegeta said, whatever Kakarot could he, there is no reason why he would’t.



Is Piccolo Going To Die? – Explained

Hey guys. Before you read this post let me warn you that this post consists of spoilers so if you don’t want to get spoiled, I suggest turning back now. Now let’s begin. We know that if there was one person who will cover Gohan every time there was a problem, it had to Piccolo. It’s quite hard to believe but Piccolo wasn’t fond of Gohan however as the series continued, Piccolo became Gohan’s teacher and somewhat more of a father than GokÅ«.

Ever since then Piccolo has been protecting Gohan from harm however Dragon Ball Super might just have hinted that Piccolo might need to make a big sacrifice. Currently as we know that Dragon Ball Super airing the Tournament of Power. The tournament has reached its final stages. Currently the anime is concentrating on Universe 7, Universe 6 and Universe 2. It is rumoured that Universe 2 and 6 might be wiped out in the upcoming episodes. Piccolo and Gohan are about to fight the two Namekians from Universe 6. In the preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 118, it was shown that Piccolo and Gohan going against Saoneru and Pirina.

However, the two fighters have some sort of trump card that will put Gohan and Piccolo at risk. There are possible clues which hint that the warriors have fused with other Namekians from their universe, and GokÅ« says the duo have unlimited regeneration abilities. In the final few seconds, we can see Piccolo coming under attack. The close-up shows Piccolo closing his eyes and screaming while a bright light covers him. If this is really the case then it won’t be the first time that Piccolo has given his life to save….