Vegeta Ultra Ego or Goku Ultra Instinct, Who Is Stronger? A Complete Analysis

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Ultra Ego Vegeta
Vegeta Ultra Ego vs Goku Ultra Instinct

Despite his intense hard work and resolve, Vegeta has a history of lagging behind Goku. Be it Super Saiyan 3 or Ultra Instinct, Goku has never failed to surpass Vegeta with a flashy transformation. However, the tables have completely turned ever since Vegeta unleashed his Ultra Ego form, which is considered to be on par with Goku’s Ultra Instinct. But is it really? We will find that out shortly.

While Whis was teaching Goku the way to master Ultra Instinct, Beerus took it upon himself to teach Vegeta the art of destruction. Vegeta’s fight with Granolah is the living proof of how well he incorporated the Godly technique. Here we have compared Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego so that you can figure out which is a more reliable technique.

How Goku and Vegeta Achieved These Powers?

Whis gave more than enough hints about the existence of Ultra Instinct in the training sessions. Ultra Instinct was something that we expected coming. The Tournament of Power pushed Goku beyond his limits, and he ended up mastering Ultra Instinct as he fought potent opponents like Jiren. Later, Whis taught him to gain control over Ultra Instinct through meditation and intense practice.

Ultra Ego Vegeta
Goku and Vegeta training

Meanwhile, Vegeta wanted to surpass Goku in his own way. Ultra Instinct requires a calm and tranquil heart, which doesn’t suit the explosive nature of the Saiyan Prince. Beerus must have found Vegeta’s frustration quite relatable, so he agrees to teach Vegeta a new technique. It took him days of hard work to master the God of Destruction’s signature move. The fact that Beerus gave him the Hakaishin earing proves that Vegeta was quite a diligent student. In his fight against Granolah, Vegeta channeled his destruction powers into a flashy transformation, which we call Ultra Ego today.

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Is Ultra Ego Vegeta Stronger Than Ultra Instinct Goku?

No, as for how things stand now, Vegeta’s Ultra Ego is not superior to Goku’s Ultra Instinct. Ultra Instincts’ preciseness and adaptability are simply beyond anyone’s reach. However, we must understand that Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego are two completely different techniques. In a battle of brute strength or ki blast, Vegeta’s Ultra Ego would be a more efficient option. Even Goku realized that, so he gave Vegeta the last Senzu bean, hoping that he could defeat Gas.

Ultra Ego Vegeta
Vegeta Ultra Ego

Moreover, Ultra Instinct is the specialty of Angels, and Ultra Ego is the specialty of Hakaishins. Since the Angels are far stronger than the Hakaishins, it’s safe to assume that Ultra Instinct is a better technique to rely upon. Unlike Ultra Ego, Ultra Instinct is designed to be a flawless technique with absolutely zero limitations. Goku can even blend it with his other transformations before resorting to the flashy transformation.

On the other hand, Ultra Ego solely relies on Vegeta’s unwavering pride. Instead of evading any of the attacks, Vegeta prefers to face them head-on to prove his superiority. Now, that’s not a very logical approach in a long-going fight. He reached his last leg while fighting Granolah, but Goku figured out a way to move his fatal points to avoid a fatal blow. This only shows how flexible and versatile Ultra Instinct is.

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Why is Ultra Ego Vegeta Weaker?

I hate to admit it, but Toyotaro sensei didn’t do a good job making Vegeta’s transformation look overpowered. At least, compared to how we saw Ultra Instinct Goku in the Tournament of Power and the Moro arc. Vegeta almost died fighting Granolah, who was already exhausted after fighting Goku. Surely, Ultra Ego looked impressive in the beginning, but Granolah managed to surpass him soon. What’s the point of a flashy power-up if it doesn’t defeat the antagonist? Furthermore, now that we know Gas is the main villain of the arc, Vegeta lets Granolah fight him. So, we won’t get to know the true extent of Ultra Ego, at least, not any time soon.

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Ultra Ego Vegeta
Goku Ultra-Instinct and Vegeta Ultra Ego

Final Thoughts

We still know very little about Ultra Ego and the art of destruction. So, it will be too early to place it below Ultra Instinct just yet. I suggest you wait for a few more arcs to reach a firm conclusion. Much like Ultra Instinct, Ultra Ego is more like a technique rather than a transformation. So, it depends a lot on how much the Saiyan duo polishes their moves over time. The better their grip on their signature techniques, the better will be their final transformation.

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