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Veer Mahaan To Make His WWE Raw Debut In April

WWE: Veers Debut Announced
WWE: Veers Debut Announced

This one piece of news will make wrestling fans rejoice! That’s right. The WWE dropped the date for Veer Mahaan’s debut, and it’s going to be a big one! The biggest and most influential professional wrestling circuit of them all, the WWE will have the famous Indian wrestler as a major Raw contender in the upcoming bouts. And that means things might get ugly in the ring because this big fellow is fierce!

If you’re not familiar with Veers and you like wrestling, let me ask you honestly. Do you even like wrestling at all? How come you haven’t heard of this guy? He’s a big name, not only in India, his home country but in his career, where he’s managed to make himself a reputation for fierceness in the ring. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin covering this topic!

WWE: Veers Debut Announced

It’s no longer a meme, Veer is coming!

Veer Mahaan To Make His WWE Raw Debut In April

When Veer Mahaan finally arrives on Monday Night Raw, WWE has been teasing it since November, advertising promos that “Veer is Coming” even though they hadn’t given an exact date. Veer Is Coming became an internet meme, with so many thinking that the debut wouldn’t ever come to pass. Veer’s newest promo package finished with the statement that he will appear on Raw on 4 April, the Red Brand’s debut show after WrestleMania 38, which finally changed that on this week’s Raw.

Almost A Meme

It’s no surprise that WWE has chosen 4 April to make Veer’s debut in the company’s ring. It’s customary for celebrities to make or return on such a night. Also, WWE has been hyping his arrival since October 2021, which is the only reason it seems different. Moreover, Veer hasn’t appeared on Raw for more than six months now, despite numerous announcements to the contrary. For the company and the WWE Superstar, the hype surrounding his debut is so tremendous that it will be practically hard to keep up with it.

Veer WWE Teaser:

Who is Veer?

Rinku Singh Rajput (b. Gopigang, Uttar Pradesh, 1988) is a former pro baseball player-turned professional wrestler who’s currently under contract by the WWE. He will debut under the Raw cycle brand using the ring name Veer Mahaan. He’s the son of a truck driver—one of nine brothers who lived all shacked up in a tiny house. When Rinku was little, he played cricket and used to throw the javelin.

How Did Veer Start Playing Baseball?

Veer began playing baseball by luck of fate. Initially, Rinku entered a contest for a reality television show for who could throw the fastest baseball. In fact, Veer had never heard of baseball before. But he threw that baseball so fast that it earned him a prize of $100.000, and he traveled to Los Angeles to train with the University of California, where he learned English, and he learned the game. Additionally, Veer became one of the first Indians to pen a contract with Major League Baseball when he signed for the Pirates. After playing a few seasons in the minors, he decided to change sports and entered professional wrestling.

WWE: Veers Debut Announced

Veer faces off John Morrison in the ring

How Did Veer Enter Wrestling?

Veer began his professional wrestling career in 2018 when he made his debut at an event in Tampa, Florida. In his debut match, he lost to Kassius Ohno. Later, in March 2019, Veer signed with manager Robert Strauss. Matt Riddle was attacked by Singh, Saurav Gurjar, and manager Malcolm Bivens on the 25 March 2020 edition of NXT.

When Rinku and Saurav were introduced the following week, Bivens dropped their last names and revealed their squad name to be Indus Sher, which translates to “Indian Tiger”. Indus Sher beat Ever-Rise during their first match the following week. After that, they beat Mike Reed and Mikey Delbrey in a tag team match. Afterward, they informed Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.

With this, we are wrapping it up with this major WWE announcement concerning Veer’s debut in Raw. Thanks for reading our article, and please keep coming back to our website for more daily updates on all things entertainment. See you in the ring!

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