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Will There Ever Be Vanquish 2?

There are many games whose first part was so hit and successful that fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the next part. But, those parts never came, or maybe they are coming, but no one knows when. Vanquish 2 is one of those games. Vanquish 2 (if ever made) will be a sequel to the popular third-person shooter Vanquish launched in October 2010 by Platinum Games.

The game was dubbed to be ahead of its time because it was different from the other third-person shooter games out there in the market. This game wasn’t your usual peek at the enemy, shoot the enemy and carry on. This game gave you a lot of options and new ways of combat, like killing enemies while ziplining or slowing down the time during a battle. All these aspects are a bit common in the games of the current period, but 11 years ago, I don’t think there were many games with such uniqueness.

The game revolves around an American soldier named Sam Gideon. He has to battle to save the fate of his nation against the Order of the Russian Star. A force in Russia who wants to destroy The United States of America.  Sam Gideon’s armor is the most important aspect of the game. It is where all his abilities come from, like the Augmented Reaction Suit and his ability to burst through the battle scenes quickly.

The game was initially launched on Xbox 360  and PlayStation 3. In 2017, the game was ported for Microsoft Windows.

Vanquish Game shot


With time, a lot of people slowly realized the true value of the game and how this game was very advanced for its time. Platinum Games are known for developing unique and excellent action games. Bayonetta, Nier: Automata, and World of Demons are some of their famous titles. In 2018, there was a wave of rumors about the development of Vanquish 2. A leaker released a leak that Vanquish 2 is in development and will launch soon. He said it would be an Xbox One exclusive game.

The leak turned out to be false, and there has been no development news for the last 2 years.
Xbox game studio would know the value of Vanquish, and they can make a deal with Platinum Games for Vanquish 2 if they want to. If it happens, the biggest downside may be that the original game director Shinji Mikami won’t be the director of this game. He left Platinum games to start his own venture, i.e., Tango Gameworks.

One of the main reasons for this rumor was the collaboration between Microsoft and Platinum Games. They both shook hands to make a game called Scalebound, which was set to be a console exclusive, but the game got canceled midway. If Scalebound would have been a successful project, then maybe, maybe we would have Vanquish 2 ready by now or anytime in the near future.

Vanquish Remaster

In February 2020, when Vanquish completed its 10 years, the developers gave a great surprise to all of its fans by launching the Vanquish: Remastered version for the current-gen consoles. That was the Sony Playstation 4. The game got a lot of good reviews from critics. There was a massive upgrade in graphics, some tweaks in gameplay were made, and some minor new additions too. Fans were waiting for an announcement of Vanquish 2, but instead, they got a remaster of the original classic.

Vanquish Remaster 2020

Everyone had only one question in their mind after playing this game. Why does this classic doesn’t have a sequel to it? Along with the Vanquish Remaster, Platinum Games also launched the Bayonetta 1 Remaster. The difference is that Bayonetta already has 2 games, whereas Vanquish only has 1.


Well, after considering all the points like the rumors of 2018, the team behind the original game, and the relation between Microsoft and Platinum Games, it looks like the game won’t be coming anytime soon. We can wait, we can hope, and we can dream. That is probably everything we have in our hands. Till then, maybe you can enjoy the first Vanquish title on your consoles or on your PC.




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