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Vanitas no Carte Season 2 Episode 11 Release Date: Noe’s Unfamiliar Situation

Case Study of Vanitas Episode 16 release date
Vanitas - Case Study of Vanitas

Vanitas no Carte Part 2 Episode 11 will be hitting the channels really and you will be glad to see what happens next. The whole series is set up in Paris where humans and vampires co-exist peacefully. The era is hit by a disease named malnomen that is said to trigger the predatory instincts of vampires and make them hostile towards humans. A vampire named Noe Archiviste met a human doctor named Vanitas who claimed to be treating the vampires who are suffering from this. His healing technique mainly involves the use of a magical book named “Book of Vanitas”. As per the old records, the book belongs to the original Vanitas the Vampire of Blue Moon.

As of now, the series is taking very interesting turns as we finally got to see the relationship between Domi and Noe. The clouds are finally cleared and now we can clearly see where their bond is taking them. On the other hand, Noe finally drank the blood of Vanitas reason to which is still unknown. Vanitas’s younger brother Mikhail is introduced in the recent episodes. Some new things will be disclosed upon the release of the new episodes. Let’s find out the Case Study of Vanitas Part 2 Episode 11 release date and what that episode has in store for us.

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Vanitas no Carte Part 2 episode 10 Recap

Case Study of Vanitas Part 2 episode 10 was released on 19th March 2022 and was titled “Blue Night”. The episode began with a flashback into the memories of Vanitas, where we get to see him and Mikhail. In beginning, Mikhail was getting a haircut as he was getting prepared for an experiment. He was taken in and was injected with some liquid which seems to hurt him so much. Next time when Mikhail was taken to that room he started to cry and ask Vanitas to help him. Vanitas told the professor to leave him and do the experiment on him instead. The scientist aimed to convert both of them into quasi members of the Blue Moon Clan.

In order to open the book of Vanitas which only a member of Blue Moon can open. Both of them were forcefully taken into forcefully get injected with the blood of the Blue Moon Clan. When the machine was turned on everything started to get destroyed and just in time they were protected by a vampire of the Blue Moon Clan. She protected them and took them with her. She took care of both the children but realized that the experiment caused their life span to get shortened. She offered the solution to get converted into a Blue Moon Vampire in order to extend their life. Vanitas showed his will to remain a human till the end of his life and that was time the episode ended.

Case study of Vanitas Part 2 episode 10 recap

Mikhail getting experimented

Vanitas no Carte Part 2 episode 11 Release Date

The recent episode of Vanitas no Carte Part 2 was very interesting as it took us into the flashback of Vanitas. The vampire lady we always used to see in Vanitas’s flashbacks turned out to be his adoptive mother who saved him from his misery. She turned out to be a very important person in the series who took care of both Vanitas and Mikhail. In the memories, it seems that Mikhail agreed to be a vampire and chose to live longer. Meanwhile, in the current scenario, Noe got collapsed after he drank Mikhail’s blood. This made Vanitas doubt tha he must have done something to him and his mischievous smile said the same thing.

Case Study of Vanitas Part 2 Episode 11 release date is scheduled for 26th March 2022. It is going to be titled “Tears like Rain”, we might get to see further memories of Vanitas along with this his struggle to get back Noe to his normal state. Things will get clearer upon the release of the new episode so let’s stay tuned and find it ourselves.

Vanitas no Karte Part 2 episode 11 release date

Flashback into Vanitas memories

Watch Vanitas no Carte Part 2 Episode 11 Online – Release Date

Case Study of Vanitas Part 2 Episode 11 release time is set for 1:30 AM (JST). Make sure you match the timings with your own region before getting your schedules cleared. The whole series is available to stream on Crunchyroll. There you can also stream the newly released episodes on time.

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