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Vanitas no Carte Episode 16: Vanitas’ Actions Over The Activation by Chloe

Case Study of Vanitas Episode 16 release date
Case Study of Vanitas Episode 16 release date

Vanitas no Carte Episode 16 is making its way to the fans and viewers are ready to welcome the new episode. Till now, we have witnessed Vanitas getting saved by Jean who treated him by taking him with her in a shabby house in front of a fireplace. From the preview of that episode, people were expecting more like a kiss that was shared by both Jean and Vanitas. However, fans got quite disappointed after knowing that Jean locked her lips with Vanitas just to make him drink the water. Both the characters were feeling shy, but the creator didn’t give what the viewers wanted.

Since Episode 15 of Case Study of Vanitas has already been out and has been streamed by most of the viewers, it is time to get into episode 16 of the series. The series was initially released as a manga by the author Jun Mochizuki. The manga belongs to the dark fantasy and supernatural and goes around mythical creatures like Vampires. The manga was published by Square Enix Publications and was released on 22nd December 2015. The manga has been collected into nine tankobon volumes, and these volumes have now received an anime adaption that was released on 3rd July 2021.

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Case Study of Vanitas Plot

The plot of the anime series Vanitas no Carte, also known as Case Study of Vanitas, goes around a book called “The Book of Vanitas”. The plot began when a vampire doctor named Noe Archiviste meets a human named Vanitas, who is currently treating vampires who are suffering from malnomen. The disease named “Malnomen” is infecting the vampires on a large scale and making them begin against their natural instinct. In the world of Case Study of Vanitas, vampires can only drink blood from those who allow them to do so, but after getting infected from the disease, they turned very violent. Vanitas is treating all those vampires with a book called “The Book of Vanitas” which actually belongs to the vampire named Vanitas. Now Noe and Vanitas joined forces as they now go together to find the cure of this disease.

Case Study of Vanitas Episode 16 release date

Vanitas – Case Study of Vanitas

Previously in Case Study of Vanitas Episode 15

The previous episode 15 of Case Study of Vanitas was titled “The d’Apchiers’ Vampires” and it was dropped out on 29th January 2022. The episode began with Noe shouting at Naenia in order to get away from Chloe as it was clinging over her. However, Chloe didn’t act that way and remained absolutely calm, asking Naenia that is that its name and asking Noe to don’t mind it and sit as the food is here. This is very scene where it left in episode 14 – dining hall with Chloe and her servant. Noer asked Chloe whether she is the Beast of Gevaudan or not as there are rumors that the beast is a curse bearer. To which Chloe replied that it was what she wanted, to grant her wish it’s the price she had paid. After this conversation, Naenia almost hypnotized Noe into asking him his real name in exchange for providing him a wife.

He got the flashback of Louis dying probably because of the same reason. Noe snapped out and tried to tackle Naenia and asked it why it always steals the name of people. All of this was going in the dining room, where Chloe was having her breakfast peacefully. Noe got extremely angry he moved above the table, throwing hands at Naenia and demanding to give back Dami and Louis to him. He climbed up the table and accidentally spilled all the food, which made Chloe agitate, and Noe earned a slap that made him get smashed on the floor. Chloe stated that she doesn’t care about the kids who waste food.

Case Study of Vanitas Episode 16 release date

Still from Case Study of Vanitas episode 15

Case Study of Vanitas Episode 16 Release Date

At the end of episode 15, we saw Chloe in the snow-covered forest who overheard that a young maiden named Jeane died. To this, Chloe got extremely shocked, but Naenia took over her again, and she activates the machines whose light was noticed by everyone, including Vanitas and the gang who knew that it was done by Chloe. Along with his attempts to retrieve his book back from her. Now in the next episode, we might see Vanitas’s actions over the activation by Chloe. Case Study of Vanitas Episode 16 will hit the channels next Saturday, Which is 5th February 2022. 

Case Study of Vanitas – Streaming Details

The availability of the new episode can vary from region to region however, if you have access to Funimation, then you can stream the whole series there. Other than this, you can also refer to Crunchyroll as it also provides its streaming and gives on-time updates.

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