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Vanilla Sky Ending Explained: What Happens At The End Of The Sci-Fi Film

Vanilla Sky Ending Explained

Here, we have brought you a piece explaining the ending of Vanilla Sky. It is an American Sci-fi thriller film released in 2001. It is an English-language remake of 1997’s Spanish film, ‘Open Your Eyes’. The film stars the Big time famous actors Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz. The film also stars Jason Lee and Kurt Rusell in the supporting roles. Vanilla Sky can be described as a pure combination of Science fiction, romance, and reality bend. It has earned several nominations, such as an Academy Award nomination for Original Song. It also got nominated for Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Cameron Diaz’s outstanding performance. In this article, the confusing ending of the film will be explained.

Vanilla Sky is the story of a man who has everything in his life. Tom Cruise portrays a 33-year-old good-looking man named David Aames, who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He owns a massive business empire that he has to run after his parents die in a car accident. The Board members, who are referred to as the seven dwarfs by David, hated him as they believed that he was incapable of running a business. He has a friend with benefits named Julie, Cameron Diaz plays the role. Although, he does not consider his relationship with Julie more than a casual thing.

One day at a party, David meets a gorgeous girl named Sofia Serrano, portrayed by Penélope Cruz. The girl came to the party with David’s best friend, Brian, who has a massive crush on her. But somehow, due to some circumstances, David and Sofia ended up spending the whole night together. However, the two did not get into an intimacy that night. Instead, the duo spends the night making sketches of each other and watching their favorite T.V. reality show, Benny the Dog.

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Vanilla Sky Ending Explained

In the ending of Vanilla Sky, at last, David and McCabe go to meet Rebecca Dearborn, who gives them a brief about L.E. and Lucid Dream. Finally, David realizes that he is in a dream state and gets anxious. He runs out looking for Tech support as he wants to face reality by waking up. There, he meets Edmund, L.E’s digital tech support. Edmund clarifies what has happened to him in reality and what happened to him in his dream state. He also reveals to him how David has been in a frozen state for 150 years.

However, waking up in the real world won’t be easy as he has to climb off a tall building. And, David is afraid of heights. Edmund tells him that he can either make a choice to wake up or he can continue living his lucid dream. Soon, David realizes that McCabe was his projection in his dream state. Then, Edmund asks him whether he has any last wishes. And, David wished to meet Sofia for the last time to express his feelings for her. After this, he climbs from the building and wakes up in the real world, where he hears a woman saying, “Relax, David. Open your eyes.”



The film starts with showing David Aames in prison and he is wearing a mask on his face, where he narrates his life story to Psychiatrist McCabe.

In flashbacks, David is a wealthy Cassanova who is always surrounded by girls. Julie Gianni is one of them. David and Julie are just friends who sometimes sleep together. One day at a party, his best friend named Brian introduced him to Sofia. The duo ended up spending that night at Sofia’s apartment and eventually fell in love. However, they were unaware that Julie was following them. While David was leaving Sofia’s place, he came across Julie, who followed him there and offered him a ride. On the way, Julie confesses her feelings for David and also expresses jealousy for Sofia. Soon, she realizes that it’s all one-sided, and she drives the car off a bridge, almost killing herself and David. However, David survived with a reconstructed face and dislocated arm.

Doctors could not wholly repair his face during the surgery, and they offered him a facial prosthetic. As he did not have any alternative, he accepted the prosthetic mask and roamed around wearing it. After realizing that nothing could be done, he became depressed. By seeing his condition, Brian convinced David to hang out with him and Sofia at a Bar, but David ended up being drunk and insulting them. Eventually, they leave them alone outside the club.

The following day, Sofia found him sleeping on the road. She went to him and apologized. She took him to her place and helped him to recover emotionally. Doctors also came up with a reconstructing surgery to fully repair his scarred face. After the surgery, he started living everyday life, but sometimes he had visions of his scarred face, which disturbed him. One day David wakes up at Sofia’s and finds himself with Julie. Soon, David realizes that he is still in his Lucid dream that has become a nightmare.

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