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Vampire Empress Joins The Human Festival In Episode 11 of The Vampire Dies in No Time

The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 11

The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 11 reveals the Human Festival that Vampier Dracul decides to be part of with John. Dracula and Jonh arrive at the Festival, and they are impressed by everything happening. Hinaichi also joined the Festival, but she worked undercover. In the latest episode of The Vampire Dies in No Time, Hinaichi talks with Dracul about Vampires who can cause trouble during the Human Festival. She decides that she will catch them, and Vampire Hunter Ronaldo arrives.

Ronaldo reminds Hinaichi that protecting the Festival from Vampires is Hunter’s job. The trio decided to walk around, checking if there was a single threat. Ronaldo advises the two to patrol like ordinary people around the Festival. They passed a naked Vampire that looked like a statue. But that Vampire messed up when he says ”you are welcomed.” Ronaldo, Draluc, and Hinaichi turn back and check and realize that it is Vampire Nudenium. Ronaldo slaps Nudenium’s head, and Nudenium reveals that he is selling geraniums. He scolds him and calls him an idiot since those geraniums he wants to sell are covering that part of his body.

He realizes that if Nudenium is around, they have to check the whole place and meet with other uninvited Vampires. Draluc and Hinaichi left behind and lost sight of Ronaldo. Draluc tells Hinaichi not to worry since they can do their work separately. Hinaichi can’t believe that a guy who always turns into sand is saying that. She reminds him not to die out of fear. But Dracul enjoys playing human games and tells Hinaichi that they have to enjoy it because it is the Festival. Hinaichi wonders what Dracul will do when a vampire attacks.

Previously on The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 10

Draluc reminds Hinaichi that he is Vampire Lord and no Vampier can defy him. He believes that he is not scared of other Vampires. Dracul plays lovers game, but a Vampire pretending to be a human bites his head and the cops arrest that Lady Vampire. The Lady Vampire says she thought she could suck some handsome human blood, but she ate sand. Hinaichi thought that Dracul would learn from that, but Dracul went to play another game. She wonders if she has become a babysitter. Dracul tells the game guy that he will show him his magnificent technique.

The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 11

The Vampire Dies in No Time

Vampiric Telescope Goldfish appears on the water and scolds Dracul for being a fool since he cooperates with humans. He claims that humans will become his servants. Dracul to that guy of water, and the guy couldn’t breathe, and Hinaichi tells Draluc to spare the guy. Hinaichi wonders why the Humana Festival has a lot of Vampires. Vampire Lover calls  Hinaichi and talks about rock-paper-scissors. But Hinaichi keeps beating him and wonders why he takes off his clothes. Vampier Cotton Candy Maker calls out humans to try his candy.

Hinaichi notices that they suspect they are in the Vampires Festival instead of the Human Festival. She beat Vampier Cotton Candy Maker, who was about to turn Dracul into a Cotton Candy. Hinaichi realizes that is why Ronaldo kills the Vampires all the time. But Dracul has grown Cotton Candy Hair. The Vampires begin to rampage and shout that they need to drink blood. The Vampire Empress arrives and tells the Vampire to stop doing that. They listened to her speech since no one could dare disobey her; The Vampire accepted her request and decided not to mess with humans.

The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 11 Release Date

The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 11 will be released on 13 December 2021. The Empress also told the Vampires that the Festival is them and Humans and everyone must enjoy it. She holds her husband on her back and manages to unite ferocious Vampires with humans. Let’s look at The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 11 official details.

The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 11

The Vampire Dies in No Time

Watch The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 11 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 11 online on ANIPLUS & Funimation on Monday at 11:00 PM JST. In other countries or the UK, you can watch The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 11 online on iQIYI (EN) & Wakanim (DE). The next episode of The Vampire Dies in No Time will be the final episode. Let’s meet when The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 11 is released.

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