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Valkyrae Streamer Relationship: The Popular Gamer Spotted With Her Former Flame?

Valkyrae Streamer Dating

Do you know who is Valkyrae Streamer Dating? Valkyrae is widely regarded as the fastest-growing streamer on the market today, and with that comes plenty of opportunities to make money. Apart from being a renowned streamer, the young celeb is also the co-owner of an apparel and exports company called 100 Thieves. Apart from her successful career as a gaming star, the young celeb has featured in not one but numerous music videos including Bella Poarch‘s Inferno and has starred in a video for Sub Urban. The gamer recently shared a screen with singing star Lil Nas X and took to social media to share a picture to capture the moment.

She also participated in a fundraiser hosted by popular talk show host Jimmy Fallon. The twenty-nine-year-old gaming streamer has bagged the title of the Queen of YouTube. The title came in after she became the platform’s most-watched female streamer in 2021. Rachell Hofstetter, who goes by the name Valkyrie, has been a staunch supporter of more women representation in online gaming. She has been playing games on all-female teams. Let us take a look at all the details regarding Valkyrae Streamer Dating. 

Valkyrae Streamer Dating: Here’s What We Know About It.

While Rae and Sonii’s four-year relationship came to a sudden end last year in March. The YouTube star has earlier revealed that things simply weren’t working out between the two in an emotional video. Valkyrae recently defended Corpse Husband who finally revealed in identity and while he was subjected to the backlash, the online streamer supported him. 

Valkyrae Streamer Dating

The former flame recently sparked reconciliation rumors when the duo ended up at the same party in Vegas. This led to fans speculating that sparks would start to fly between the ex-couple. These rumors have been fuelled further after a few social media pictures have surfaced which appears to show the two having a cozy moment on the dance floor.

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Valkyrae Opens Up About Her Former Abusive Boyfriend!

Popular gaming streamer Hofstetter is also known as Valkyrae has posted how she had a traumatic past with one of her ex boyfriend who was abusive in nature. Many fans assumed that she was talking about Sonii However, the streamer finally cleared the air stating that she was not talking about Sonii. The streamer recently posted a few pictures on social media as she seemed to med up with singing star Lil Nas X for a specula project. As the singer was seen wearing a shirt from 100 thieves , fans are up with numerous speculations.

The popular streamer also opened up about the numerous reasons she had to call it quits with her long-term boyfriend Michael Sherman. The gamer admitted that the split was hard and that she is still in love with him. However, due to multiple reasons, the pair had to split up in January 2021 and  Valkyrae has stated that what happened with Sonii was more like bad timing, different paths, and different priorities. She still adores him and described him as this wonderful person, and an amazing guy. She further added saying that she never really stopped loving him.

Valkyrae Opened Up About Going Through A Rough Patch!

Popular online streamer Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has come up and started to her fans that she is going through a rather rough time. This low patch came in both because of her sudden move to YouTube, and her decision of parting ways with long time partner Michael whom she was dating for four years.

Valkyrae Streamer Dating

The online streamer added that she is not playing games and just really wanted to stream and open up a bit on all of this with her fans. Valkyrae described this depressive state as she already cried gallons and gallons of tears and has lost so much weight and has become skinny. The gamer indeed went through a low point last year. Her ex-boyfriend moved out of the house and it has been a tough few months for the online streamer. However, the star seems to be in a much better place now. 

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