Utapri Movie Announced – When Will It Come Out?

Uta no Prince sama gets an movie adaption
Uta no prince sama gets a movie adaptation

Whenever things turn hard on us, we always get the support of good comedy and romance series. Especially talking about anime, all those bright colors and pretty faces in an anime helps us strongly stand against all the tough times. Nowadays, you will get to see some very good and entertaining interactive anime games which look very beautiful. They got some seriously pretty character designs that make every character stand out. One such anime game known as “Uta No Prince Sama” popularly known as Utapri, has come into the foreground due to some recent announcements related to the series.

When you will finally start playing the game, you will get some serious vibes similar to anime series like Brothers Conflict, B-Project, Skip Beat!, La Corda D’Oro: Blue Sky, and many others. This type of anime centers on a young ultra-beautiful girl surrounded by equally handsome boys who are challenging each other and having an unsaid competition about “who will get the girl first”. The game “Uta no Prince Sama” also has a similar theme as it centers on an idol group named “Starish” along with their only “girl” songwriter as they work together to meet their dreams. The plot seems quite interesting so do the announcements that were made related to it. What is waiting for us related to the “Uta no Prince Sama” game?

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About Uta no Prince Sama

Uta no Prince Sama popularly known as Utapri or written as Uta no☆Purinsu-sama♪ is a Japanese multimedia franchise created by Broccoli. As has mentioned above, Utapri was initially introduced as a game for Play Station on 24th June 2010. The game has received many sequels and spin-offs that continue the plot of the game. Later, as it received a manga adaption of the game, each sequel was released as several mangas. Uta no Prince Sama received a manga adaption that, as published was serialized in the monthly comic of Sylph. The manga was illustrated by the artist Utako Yukihiro, as gag comics took over its publication, the new edition was illustrated by Kotoko Ichi that began to serialize in Comic B’s Log.

The anime adaption of the series was also made that was known as “Uta no Prince-Sama: Maji Love 1000%”. The anime was created by A-1 Pictures that was aired for the first time in  June 2011 and moved on after receiving three more seasons of the series. The plot of the whole franchise follows the life of a young girl named Haruka Nanami. She has a childhood dream to become a composer and songwriter, which will help her someday write the songs for her favorite idol group. In order to achieve this goal of her, she wanted to enter the Saotome Academy, which is known for its alumni being popular singers and composers. As she entered the classroom along with seven aspiring idol classmates, she had to work along with them as an idol-producer team to be able to join Shining Agency.

Utapri movie announcements
Uta no Prince Sama

Utapri Movie Release Date Announced

The whole series of Utapri was a roller coaster ride of emotions as Haruka started to work along with her classmates in midst of growing emotions. The main twist comes up when the boys finally started having romantic feelings for Haruka, and their school prohibits all types of romance between the students. Even though the series was super awesome, it gained a lot of criticism, too, for not having a good character design for the main leads. As they are were shown as high school students, they look more adult than being some teenagers. This is a thing where the series lacked majorly however, this didn’t stop the creators to make a comeback with something more exciting.

Utapri announces an anime film
Haruka – Uta no Prince Sama

As now we are finally getting back to the topic, the creator of “Uta no Prince Sama” decided to have a comeback for the series but not as a renewed season. Instead, they decided to get back with an anime film of the series Utapri. The visual teasers have already been out, and it clearly showed some improvement in the character design of the movies. The movie is going to be titled ” Gekijo-ban Uta no☆Prince-Sama♪ Maji Love ST☆RISH Tours” and you can expect it to drop out somewhere in this year 2022. You don’t have to wait for much until the new updates about the movie are about.

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