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Use For My Talent Korean Drama: Delayed Again?

Is Use For My Talent releasing soon?
Cast Jasper Liu and Shen Yue standing together (Credit: Mango TV)

Well, have you watched the Korean drama, Clean with Passion for Now, wherein the CEO of a company falls for his employee despite them being opposite in regards to cleanliness. It is exciting news for the fans of Korean dramas and Chinese dramas that the show is again returning. Yes, Clean with Passion is getting a Chinese adaption with the title Use for My Talent. It will have the same plotline as that of the Korean version since the Chinese version is only a remake. 

The series, Use for My Talent, has been in talks and production for quite a lot of time. However, the release of the series has not taken place yet. The leading cast, Jasper and Shen Yue, made the drama one of the most anticipated ones from last year. Now, let’s know in particular whether Use for My Talent is releasing soon or not and all other details for the same.

Use for My Talent: Release Date & Production

Use for My Talent release date is not fixed officially yet. The series is facing some delays due to some unavoidable circumstances. Initially, the series did plan to release in March 0f 2021. However, it got postponed until April 05, 2021. Now, the show did not release even on April 05, 2021. Use for My Talent will air on the Mango TV network and Netflix streaming service. It will consist of twenty episodes. But, there is no information on the releasing schedules and airing days as of now. 

When is Use for My Talent releasing?

A promo of the two leading casts for Use For My Talent (Credit: Mango TV)

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The other names for the series are Clean with Passion for Now, My Dear Neat Freak, Enthusiastic Cleaning, Re Qing De Sao Sao Ba, Cleaning Elves, and Wo Qin Ai De Xiao Jie Pi. Cai Cong is acting as the director for the show. But, there is no revelation of the screenwriter. Mango Tv and Guoyan culture are the distributors for the show. The announcement for the leading casts took place on May 30 of 2020. The production also started during the same time. It only took them two months to complete the development, and filming came to an end in August of 2020. 

Use for My Talent: Cast

Use for My Talent’s leading cast includes Jasper Liu and Shen Yue in the role of Gu Ren Xi and Shi Shuang Jiao. The supporting members include Dai Yun Fan, Qi Sheng Han, Yanan, Zhu Xin Zong, Tan Quan, Huang Si Rui, Xiao Run, Su Meng Di, and Charles Lin. They are respectively depicting Lu Xian, Wang Qian Qian, Shi Jun Jie, Zhu Yan, Wu Wan, Li Dong Xian, and Hu Yu. However, the roles of Qi Sheng Han and Zhu Xin Zong had not been disclosed yet. 

Use for My Talent: Plotline

Use for My Talent plotline will revolve around Gu Ren Qi and Shi Shuang Jiao as a company’s CEO and employee. One is a neat freak, and the other is the opposite that does not care much about cleanliness. However, they both came across each other and began falling in love slowly. Gu Ren Qi has germophobia with a closed-up and tight personality due to his incomplete family. Shi Shuang Jiao became a slovenly person after a car accident took her mother’s life. Before the car accident, she too had a happy and complete family.

Gu Ren Qi has a cleaning company, and Shi Shuang Jiao became an employee in the company. Thus, they meet through unexpected situations. Slowly, they also got to know each other and became more closer. They also began to forget about their past and heal from their wounds under the influence of each other. However, it did not take much time to shatter their good and dreams. Unluckily, fate was also not on their side. Somehow, Shi Shuang Jiao came to know about the grandfather of Gu Ren Qi’s connection to the death of her mother. The drama will feature how Gu Ren Qi and Shi Shuang Jiao met and fell in love despite having polar opposite characters. Moreover, it will depict the problems and Can they overcome those together, or the same struggles will separate them. 

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