Usagi Drop Manga Ending: Why Fans Were so Unhappy with the Conclusion?

Usagi Drop Manga Ending - Why fans were so angry with the ending?
Usagi Drop Manga Ending - Why fans were so angry with the ending?

Usagi Drop, also known as Bunny Drop, is a manga series that ended quite a while ago, but people are still discussing its ending. It’s quite normal to witness a long ago concluded series taking the light again because of a sudden increase in the number of audiences. The manga belongs to the slice of life genre as it shows single fatherhood and the things that come while raising a daughter alone. This sounds too sweet, but as the manga reached its end, it divided the fandom into two parts – one side of those readers who liked the ending and the other side of those who didn’t like it.

The ending of the series became a matter of discussion and created a lot of drama within the fandom. Bunny Drop is a Japanese manga series written by Yumi Unita and was published by Shodensha Publications. The manga belongs to the Josei genre and began to serialize in Feel Young Magazine in October 2005. The manga ended in April 2011 with ten tankobon volumes and created a lot of mess thanks to its controversial ending. An anime adaption of the series was released on 7th July 2011 and ended on 15th September 2011. Luckily the series doesn’t follow the ending of manga, here is why.

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Usagi Drop Plot

Before getting straight into the ending of the series, we will go through its plot that will give us some context of the series. The manga follows the life of a 30-year-old Daikichi Kawachi who returns to his home to attend his grandfather’s funeral and is shocked to learn about the existence of Rin Kaga. The six-year-old girl Rin Kaga is the illegitimate child of his grandfather, whose mother is unknown. Due to her relationship with the family, Rin was treated as an outcast that annoyed Daikichi as he took the responsibility to raise her as his own daughter. As they moved to Daikichi’s place and started living together, Daikichi figured out the hardships of being a single father while having no previous experience of raising a child.

Usagi Drop manga ending
Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop Manga Ending

Usagi drop manga was one of those soft and calming manga series that depicts the relationship between a daughter and a father even though they don’t relate to each other by blood. It managed to gather a decent fanbase, followed by the release of the anime series. The heartwarming anime series with a single dad made a lot of fans recommend this to their own dad, but they regretted the decision as soon as the ending of the manga was released. After the ten-year time skip in the manga of Usagi drop, Rin was shown as a 16-year-old young girl in high school while Daikichi turned 40 years old. When volumes 8 and 9 of the series were released the readers find out that the initial part of the manga goes around Rin deciding about what to do next in her life.

There was a dilemma in Rin’s mind about her feeling for Kouki and her decision for her career. Meanwhile, she also discovered that she is not related to Daikichi by blood, and that’s what made this series turn upside down. Rin fell in love with Daikichi, and as she confessed to him, he said that if she is still in love with him after her graduation, he would consider a relationship. Rin doesn’t fall for anyone else during her graduation and ends up wanting to have a child with Daikichi. This is how things turned out to be totally dark and unexpected that made the readers super angry and annoyed over it.

Usagi Drop Manga Ending - What went wrong?
Rin – Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop Manga Ending – Reactions

As I mentioned before, there were two types of people, who liked it and those who didn’t like the ending. According to those who didn’t like the ending of the manga, the ending was ill logical as it totally destroyed the relationship between father and daughter. Even though Rin and Daikichi were not related by blood to each other, fans refused to acknowledge the ending as the whole series concentrated on Daikishi being a fatherly figure to Rin as he raised her with his own two hands. The ending looked quite out of context and dramatic, and obviously, no one can imagine a relationship between a 40-year-old man and a 16-year-old girl who was literally raised by the man like a father.

Luckily, the anime and live-action adaption of the manga does not depict this part as it ends before the time skip. Alteast, this gave some happiness to the viewers as they don’t want to witness such a disaster again in picturization. The slogan of “there is no manga” gets infamous among the fandom as everyone keeps on ignoring the manga just because of its ending. To date, the manga has its name under the “worst ending manga series ever”.

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