Upcoming K-Pop Audition 2021 For Girls: How To Apply

blackpink 2019
Blackpink's 2019 Coachella performance

With the evolution of connectivity with the various parts of the world, K-culture evolved at a higher pace. And so evolved the K-pop industry as well. K-pop is an acronym used for Korean Popular Music.

K-pop is a genre of music famous in South Korea and other parts of the world. This culture was initiated in 1996, with the boy band H.O.T. Since then, it became a genre highly appreciated by youngsters.

Bands like Babington Boys, popularly known as BTS, Blackpink, ASTRO, and EXO, are famous names under the K-pop genre. If K-dramas are our feelings, then K-pop is the attitude that defines us.

Upcoming K-pop Audition 2021 for Girls

If you are a K-pop fan and have been highly influenced by girl groups like Blackpink, Red Velvet, and Mamamoo, etc., this is a perfect moment to become a trainee. You have the opportunity right in front of you, where you can be the next Blackpink. All you need is to get through the application process and the online auditions. As a result, being one of the band members is only a click away.

Red Velvet
The girl group- Red Velvet

The three biggest music agencies- SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment are ready with their auditions 2021.

The Big Hit Entertainment, the agency behind the most popular boy band- BTS, hosted a global audition campaign to form a K-pop girl group in 2021. The audition campaign was named “Plus Global Audition.” It was held in 16 cities around the world. This year, SM Entertainment has decided to keep its annual auditions online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The SM Global Audition has been a pivotal platform for aspiring singers, regardless of gender, race, etc. characteristics, since 2006.

Another big entertainment company, YG Entertainment, the one behind Blackpink, is accepting online applications for new entrants. YG is often considered the toughest to qualify. They accept people from all over the world. Thus, nationality is not a bar here. If you are determined to be a K-pop star, you can definitely apply to the auditions for 2021.

How To Apply?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all auditions that were to be held in cities like Seoul, Busan, etc., have now shifted to the online portals. Although all the auditions may have a similar process, one needs to do a proper cross-check before applying.

The members of Mamamoo

To apply to SM Entertainment, one needs to go through the official website of SM Entertainment. It is the industry behind Red Velvet, a famous girl group in South Korea. The new entrants are required to submit an email application with their name and other details. Along with this, they need to attach a music and dance video, as well as some photographs.

YG Entertainment was founded by Yang Hyun Suk in 1996. As the company behind Psy of Gangnam Style and, of course, Blackpink, it is one of the toughest to qualify. One needs to submit the entry via email. After this, they need to qualify for the in-person round. You are expected to perform on song either in Korean or English. For further details, go through YG Entertainment’s official website.

Things to keep in mind before applying

Many audition-goers have told us that there are a few things we need to keep in mind before applying to any of these companies. The vocalists need to prepare songs in Korean or English language. Along with this, they require to prepare a choreography to showcase when asked to dance.

Visuals, too, are an important part of these auditions. The South Korean bands have the best visuals, even without makeup.

blackpink 2019
Blackpink’s 2019 Coachella performance

For fans worldwide, K-pop stands as a hope to grow and become known to the whole world around us. They are the spirits who teach us maturity, who show us confidence, and that being confident is a good thing. They make us hardworking and brave enough to tackle the problems of our lives. They make it easy to understand that nothing lasts forever, not even the bad things.

K-pop inspires us to do our best and to care for the people we love. It is not a random word but a feeling—a feeling we all want to be a part of. And thus, we have the chance now.

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