Up And Vanished Season 3 Release Date: Will It Happen?

You may know that Season 1 of Up And Vanished is being adapted into a docu-series for Oxygen network. Up And Vanished Season 1 was a staggering hit, surpassing over 200 million downloads. It proved to be a tool to help solve a 12-year-old case of a missing person back in 2017. Payne Lindsay’s Podcast Up And Vanished traced the oldest case he could find, worked on it eventually leading to 2 arrests back in ’17. Tara Grinstead disappeared into thin air 12 years ago. The police finally gave up on his mystery only to arrest the culprit Ryan Alexander Duke 12 years later.

Payne Lindsay on his part says that he wanted to do something in a real crime vein. Before his podcast, he worked in films, TV shows, etc. The 29-year-old worked as an editor and sound designer. Knowing the power of a cheap medium like a podcast, he decided to give it a go! He meant this way he wouldn’t have to worry about where the investment came from or the studios backing his project. Lindsay has maintained that movies can be made on a dime, but he wanted to do it this (podcast) his way. So he studied Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s cold case files. What piqued his interest was the cold case of a history teacher Tara Grinstead who left no trace. This happened in Ocilla, Georgia, on Oct. 22, 2005. Multiple investigations followed for five years, topped by a $100000 reward but all in vain.

Up And Vanished Season 3

Season 2 of Up And Vanished podcast came out in August of ’18. This time around Lindsay took upon himself the case of a 29-year-old former Denver resident Kristal Anne Reisinger who moved to a recluse place of Sangre de Cristo Mountains. She did so for spiritual awakening only to disappear without a trace in 2016 leaving behind her 4-year-old daughter Kasha. She was last seen on July 13. Season 2 was in partnership with Cadence 13. It’s now available on Podcast, and you may listen to it. I do not want to give any further spoilers in this post.

About Season 3 of Up And Vanished, it may not return for another year. Since we just dealt with Season 2 on August 30th, three is just far away! The trailer for Season 2 is all chilling and mysterious. Lindsay after the success of Season 1 has launched two other podcasts namely Atlanta Monsters and Sworn. Atlanta Monster is about the infamous Atlanta Child Murders case and Sworn deals with behind the scenes criminal justice system.

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