Universe 6 Namekian Warriors Might Just Have The Power Of A Whole Planet!!


The Universe 6 is down to its last two Namekian warriors. With people like Jiren, Goku, and even Vegeta, the chance of the Universe 6 to survive is the slightest. Champa would also have to worry about the other factors like the number of Universe 7 warriors still existing in the tournament and the time remaining.

But we all know that all warriors from the Tournament of Power have a reason why they are there. Who knows? Dr. Rota might have an ability that even Jiren cannot defeat. The Universe 6 might have something under their sleeves (or gloves). And to know what it is, we might want to recall a certain aspect of fusion that was forgotten a long time ago.

For starters, the Namekians doesn’t only have accelerated regeneration. So far, it was their most known ability and it is still a huge help for them. But Namekians also have one thing that Saiyans can do, and it is a fusion. When one Namekian decided to fuse with one Namekian, the fusion will have the body and consciousness of the stronger Namekian. But the weaker Namekian will affect the consciousness of the stronger Namekian sometimes.

The best example is when Piccolo fused with Nail on Planet Namek. Piccolo was the dominant one so he retained the body and control over it. But Nail can be seen speaking to Piccolo on his head on another occasion. This is also true with Kami, who was the former guardian of Earth.

To save their race, the Namekians of Universe 6 might have done the same. But instead of just two individuals, they decided to make all of the Namekians participants. Which makes Pirina and Saonel the strongest warriors of Universe 6 Namekians.

Of course, this is just a theory from me and should be taken with a grain of salt. But when they have unlimited stamina, it is hard to believe that Saonel and Pirina are not a product of fusion. Unless they are a Super Namekian.