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The Unexpected Hero Of Universal Survival Arc

This is not an article about how Frieza will go into the bright side of life and be friends with Goku and the Z fighters. That’s just not going to happen in any arc of Dragon Ball and in any Dragon Ball anime. Just like what Goku said before, Frieza is the master of all scums out there.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113

But he is a clever scum, and no one can deny it. Recharging Goku with his Ki and leaning on to the Saiyan for once to defeat Jiren, that is not cowardice. I know that you’re thinking this article is becoming a little fan letter. But I will tell you why I think Frieza will be the hero of the Tournament of Power.

Frieza let Goku live because he knows that only Goku will be able to take Jiren. Not that he knows he can’t beat Jiren, but Frieza is clever enough not to put all the chips in the table. He is a former emperor so he knows very well that it is more important to win the war than seek excitement in a very risky battle. How could he be the surprise hero if he sounds more like a businessman than a Superman?

The reason is very simple. Who knows whatever it is that he is planning to do with the Super Dragon Ball. But there is one thing that is certain, Frieza’s resolve to get the Super Dragon Balls is higher than any other Universe 7 fighters. His resolve for the Super Dragon Balls can only be rivaled by Jiren’s interest with these wishing stones.

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Frieza is a master of timing. He doesn’t wait for opportunities, he creates them. Using Goku to beat Jiren will not only save him his stamina, but he can also save Goku in the most unexpected way. I believe that it will not be Vegeta, or Piccolo or even Gohan who will be helping Goku defeat Jiren. It would be Frieza, and he can do it in many ways, like healing Goku or interfering using a sneak attack like what he did in Gohan VS Yardrat fight.


Even though he would be helping Goku, that doesn’t mean that he will be in the good side. Being a hero is being able to make a conflict disappear, and that conflict is Jiren. We still don’t know how Frieza will talk to the Super Shenron if he ever found a way to have the Super Dragon Balls, which makes me even more excited on what he will do in the next episodes.


Frieza’s Real Intention Revealed In The Latest Episode Of Dragon Ball Super

Frieza is no doubt the nastiest guy you’d ever meet from Universe 7. There is no way to tell what would happen when Frieza wears that wicked smile of his. The ice-jin will not rest until he got the highest power, the most powerful influence, and to exterminate all Saiyans. His plans will annoy you if you happen to be one of the Z Warriors.

The emperor of Universe 7 never gave up with his ambitions even after he was sent to Hell and faced that worst punishment ever. And right now in the Tournament of Power, his ambition even grew into a more evil intention. His rule would extend in the farthest part of any Universe, he will be the most powerful man in the whole multiverse.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112

What’s scarier is his real intention in the Tournament of Power. The longer he stays in the Tournament of Power, the greater chance he has to make a wish out of the Super Dragon Balls. And when you know Frieza since you’re a kid, you know that Frieza already has one thought-out answer.

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super has shown Frieza attacking the exhausted Cabba. If Universe 7 cannot beat Jiren through combat, they will surely try to gain an advantage in numbers. With this, it is expected that Frieza will try and eliminate all that he can as much as possible.

Frieza wants to last until the end of the Tournament of Power to gain access to the Super Dragon balls. The thing about this is Frieza might wish a rather unfair

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