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Preview: Unexpected Business Episode 4

Unexpected Business Episode 4 Preview

Unexpected Business is a South Korean drama that is currently ongoing. The drama is telecasting on TVN. The director of the series is Yoo Ho-Jin. The drama is kind of a reality show where the two-man shift to the countryside from the city to experience a new business life. The show is hosting different actors and asking them to work as the part-timer in the shop.

It is a reality drama that shows a completely different experience of running a business. The series starts premiering on February 25, 2021. The drama is ongoing on the TVN as it releases new episodes every Thursday. If you want to binge-watch the drama you can check online too.

The rating of the ongoing drama is quite worth looking at.  The rating is quite nice. The concept is different and yet getting much attention from the viewer which is quite different. People like the drama which can be easily guessed through the rating. The drama comes with a total number of 10 episodes.

The episode releases every Tuesday. Each episode has a duration of 1 hour 25 min. the genre of the series is a total business in between there are some comedy parts, it is business comedy. The drama is also identified as Boss by Chance, Sometimes President, Sometimes the President, Sometimes the Boss, Oddly President, and Eojjeoda Sajang. The drama will be going off-air on 29 April 2021.

Unexpected Business episode 4 Preview

Star cast of Unexpected Business

The show Unexpected Business is starring Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Sung as the main host. They will be leading the show and also all the food preparation is managed by them. Also, they are attending the guests on the show and making them learn to work as a part-timer in the shop. They both are funny and interactive which makes customers happy and satisfied. Everyone who comes gets the best service.

The other major roles are the guests who are present in the show as part-timers. The guest list for the show is starring Park Bo Young (Ep. 2-3), Yoon Gyung Ho (Ep. 3-4), Kim Jae Hwa (Ep. 3-4), Park Kyung Hye (Ep 4), Nam Joo Hyuk (Ep 4), Park Byung Eun (Ep 4), Yoon Shi Yoon, Jo Bo Ah, and Shin Seung Hwan.

The customers are the local people who majorly visit the café and have food or buy the basic things they need. This is a real business show with no fragmentation of the audience no paid audience. The guest will also act as a part-time worker in the shop.

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Synopsis of Unexpected Business

The series Unexpected Business is a total business-oriented drama. It is kind of a reality show where two hosts will be working with some actors and actresses and make them part of their running business. It is a fresh concept where you can see people actually working and running a business. The show is starring Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Sung who are the host of the show. They are transforming to the boss of a supermarket.

They both act as owners and also work thereby providing food to the customers. Both the man has spent their whole life in the city majorly. They both don’t have the idea of running a business in the countryside. Both of them are also experiencing the business for the first time in the countryside. They will be getting along in the neighborhood and also will be seeing all the ups and downs their business goes through. The supermarket is busy most of the time but us vacant also many a time. The peak hour is mostly the afternoon and the night.

The supermarket is situated in the beautiful countryside so viewers will get a great experience for landscape and beauty. The host will be enjoying their work with nature. The show will be introducing the unexpected guest who will work as a part-timer in the departmental store and have to see how things go and have to handle the shop most of the time. The concept is interesting the projection and direction are beautiful overall this is an exciting show to watch and see the struggle of the guest on the show.

Unexpected Business episode 4 Preview

Unexpected Business Episode 4 Release Date

The drama Unexpected business is kind of a real business show. The drama is kind of a business show where there are two hosts running the show and also attending the guest and making them learn about the business. Unexpected Business Episode 4 is going to release on 18 March 2021 on the popular TV network TVN.

Unexpected Business Episode 3 Recap

The little glimpse of episode 3 revolves around the part-timer and the famous actress Park Bo- Young. She is taking care of the store for the day. Some regular customers are coming to the store. Initially, a group of 4 people enter the store and order some ramen. They are spending time together then the other group is also entering the supermarket. They are the group of the teacher who has a crush on the owner as they heard the owner is good looking. Everyone is seen ordering some ramen. The other customer enters the supermarket they are the old couple who are going to spend some time in the shop. The owner serves the couple the Soju and seaweed soup.

The granny takes some cookies which can easily be chew as they don’t have strong teeth. The old group of people enjoy their meeting with each other and have a great time there. The old woman pays for the food and soju as she doesn’t want the owner to end in dept. the group of old people also decide to meet the next day to have some beer. Bo- Young is enjoying her part-time job as she is able to do her chores and understanding the business. She is invited to have lunch in which there are some pizza and the Pollock Roe Egg roll.

After this, it is shown that the owner of the supermarket In Sung is visiting the hospital where one of his customers is working. He finds the hospital which is 70 steps far from the workplace.

He sees the hospital working and gets done with the acupuncture process for back pain. The other customer is a woman with a kid who is quite shy. He is a daycare kid who comes to hang out with his teacher of the daycare partner.

Before this Bo-Young stalks up everything in the store and cleans up the dishes. She is enjoying her working period in the supermarket. She is acquainted with the prices of the material also. The nighttime goes in the rush and the day ends with Bo- Young. The other morning the other set of actors arrive to work at the supermarket. The actor and actresses are Yoon Gyung Ho and Kim Jae Hwa. Initially, they face problems working and seeing the rush too. Also, the host is leaving the supermarket on their head as they are heading to a new place for some venture. They both have to handle the supermarket.

Initially, it is difficult for them to understand the price tag and how to handle the crowd. The finding of goods is also a difficult task in the beginning. The whole experience is present in the episode how they struggle and how they team up together to tackle the customers. Episode 3 ends on the customer who needs a leash and gets 3 leashes.

Finding the leash is quite tricky as Gyung Ho gets confuse and while the man asks for a drink he gets more confuse. He leaves the leash tangle and goes to fetch the dink for the old man. Overall the episode has some funny interaction and customer satisfaction is seen in every other person’s face.

Unexpected Business Episode 4 Preview

In the episode, the struggle of handling the supermarket alone will be a scene to witness and how Yoon Gyung Ho and Kim Jae Hwa will take care of the store in the absence of the owner will be portrayed. The episode will have its own gags and up and down. Episode 4 will be interesting seeing them struggle to fulfill the goals during the peak hours when the supermarket is full. Also, another guest who will be introducing it this episode is Park Kyung Hye. She is helping the group when there is a complete rush in the supermarket.

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