The Most Underrated Fighter of Tournament of Power is Hiding a Lot!


Howdy, If I’m using the word ‘Underrated’ then you might be thinking of someone from Universe 3 or 4. Universe 4 will probably fuse all of its warriors into one and it’s no good. It could be strong but not strong enough to beat someone above Android 17 level.

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So, The Universe I’m going to discuss is none other than Universe 4. Planting 2 of its warrior somewhere in the fighting arena is not the only reason why they aren’t erased yet.

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The other main guy who’s hiding a lot up his sleeves is, Shantsa and yeah, I’m not kidding. There are a lot of things that may prove my speculation right. So, without any more delays, let’s have a look at them:

First, Shantsa didn’t even react at all while everyone was too scared before the power liberation of Jiren. (Even Beerus was scared as hell)

Secondly, Out of all these strong-looking warriors from Universe 4, Shantsa is the last one standing! This clearly means that he’s the strongest one among them.

He hasn’t been seen fighting much, but apparently, he is good at keeping himself in the arena, unlike a certain hyped U3 robot (looking at you, Narirama). For example, here we can see him casually avoiding Berserk Kale’s blasts: (He even managed to look after all those Kefla’s dangerous attacks)

In Episode 110, we’ve seen him react to Jiren’s outburst of power (Even Goku was shocked). The interesting thing is, Shantsa didn’t even bother to guard himself. Unlike the other fighters (bar Hit, who we know is very powerful):

I know the hidden warriors are also hiding a lot, but let’s also not forget this guy; One more and huge reason behind why I’m saying not-to-look his facial expressions and all is that he’s a Janemba reference and will transform into a badass form when injured. (Both of them have holes in their bodies)

It was just a theory before we got the spoilers from Episode 119 of Dragon Ball Super. The studio revealed that one of Universe 7 warrior is going to get eliminated as the title clearly says “A sacrifice from Universe 7, True ability of Universe 4”

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What I think on this is, Android 18 is going to get eliminated next because she already got injured in the last episode. And the one who’s going to do that is someone from Universe 4.

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As we already know, Quitela won’t let his hidden warriors show up so easily; so the only way she gets eliminated is by her fight with Shantsa. Well, there are some odds and evens like somehow she finds out about the two hidden warriors from Universe 4.

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And, in order to hide their location, they will just knock Android 17 out of the fighting arena.Well, that’s all for today! Comment on your opinions on this.


Main Reason Behind Goku and Naruto Wearing Orange Clothes?!

Ever wondered why Goku and Naruto, two of the most popular Anime heroes Generally wear Orange?

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Well like most people I used to think that this is a random color that the author chose. But, if you dig out some psychological facts about orange color then you will come to know that orange color is best for characters like Goku & Naruto. There are a lot of similarities between the character of orange and these two heroes.

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The color orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy. Orange relates to ‘gut reaction’. Which perfectly suits the ‘Never Give Up’ attitude of Goku and Naruto.

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Orange offers emotional strength in difficult times. This can be seen in the case of Naruto. He was hated by most of the villagers, this made him sad but he always showed strong emotional strength.

Orange brings spontaneity….