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Undercover Korean Drama Episode Schedule

Under Cover K-Drama
Under Cover K-Drama

Here we get another Thriller Korean Drama of the year. ‘Undercover’ is an ongoing 2021 South Korean television series. Actually, it is a remake of the series ‘Undercover’ by Peter Moffat & James Hawes. Also, it is a 2016 UK-based television series. This Korean drama first aired on 23 April 2021. Starring Ji Jin Hee, Kim Hyun Joo, Jung Man Sik, and Han Go Eun, this drama hits the spot in the 2021’s Thriller Dramas list. Also, if you are craving for the detective and suspense genres, then this is the right drama for you. Moreover, the leads of this drama are well-known for their acting skills.

Also, those who follow Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hyun Joo should not miss this drama. And the important thing is this is JTBC’s drama, that network which is famous for creating the hit dramas like The World of Married and Sky Castle. So, the expectations are quite high, right? Furthermore, the first episode of the drama has crossed 700 thousand views. As the plot seems intriguing, the views and ratings are expected to hit higher numbers. Now, let us look at the cast, plot, and episode schedule of the drama.

The cast of the K-Drama Undercover

Under Cover K-Drama

‘Undercover’ K-Drama

This thriller drama is the outcome of the hardworking director, producers, writers, actors, and supporting staff. The directions to this drama are by Song Hyeon Wook. The screenwriting is by Baek Cheol Hyeon, Jung Hye Eun, and Song Ja Hoon. The main cast of this drama is Ji Jin Hee as Han Jeong Hyeon and Kim Hyun Joo as Choi Yeon Soo. There are also young Han Jeong Hyeon and Choi Yeon Soo. So, the younger self of the main leads is Yeon Woo Jin as Han Jeong Hyeon and Han Sun Hwa as Choi Yeon Soo. Then, Jung Man Sik as Do Yeong Geol is Jeong Hyeon’s former senior, and Park Doo Sik as young Do Yeong Geol. Han Go Eun as Ko Yoon Joo is an undercover agent and Park Gyeong Ree is young Ko Yoon Joo. Han Bo Bae as young Min Sang Ah.

Kim Soo Jin as Min Sang Ah is Choi Yeon Soo’s college best friend, and a political reporter. As for the supporting cast, Yoo Seon Ho as Han Seung Goo is the son of Han Jeong Hyeon and Choi Yeon Soo. Lee Jae In as Han Seung Mi is a clever daughter of Han Jeong Hyeon and Choi Yeon Soo. She resembles her mother. Park Geun Hyung as Lee Man Ho, Kwon Hae Hyo as Oh Pil Jae, and Lee Seung Joon as Kang Cheong Mo. Also, Son Jong Hak as Yoo Sang Dong, Song Young Gyu as Kwak Moon Heum, and Choi Kwang Il as Hwang Jeong Ho. Choi Dae Chul as Choo Dong Woo, Lee Han Wi as Bae Goo Taek, and Heo Joon Ho as Lim Hyeong Rak. Bae Yoon Kyung as Mi Seon, Cha Sun Bae as Song Joo Pil, a journalist.

The plot of the K-drama Undercover

As for the plot of the drama, Jeong Hyeon is an agent of the National Intelligence Service (South Korea). Also, he has a secretive side of himself which he never reveals to others. Yeon Soo is a human rights lawyer and becomes the first head of the agency. After the promotion, Yeon Soo has to bear the responsibility for justice. Moreover, Jeong Hyeon falls for Yeon Soo when they meet on a mission. Afterward, the two get married. Their life seems normal and happy with their two children. But now that Yeon Soo is in the head position, it is more likely to discover her husband’s secret. While managing the balance of justice and family, how are they going to face the challenges? Watch the trailer of the K-Drama ‘Undercover’ on YouTube.

‘Undercover’ K-Drama Episode Schedule

It is a JTBC drama and first aired on 23 April 2021. Also, it premiers on the JTBC channel every Friday and Saturday at 23:00 KST. Moreover, this drama has 16 episodes and each episode is 70 minutes long. The Episode Schedule of the K-Drama ‘Undercover’:

Undercover Episode 1 – April 23, 2021
Undercover Episode 2 – April 24, 2021
Undercover Episode 3 – April 30, 2021
Undercover Episode 4 – May 01, 2021
Undercover Episode 5 – May 07, 2021
Undercover Episode 6 – May 08, 2021
Undercover Episode 7 – May 14, 2021
Undercover Episode 8 – May 15, 2021
Undercover Episode 9 – May 21, 2021
Undercover Episode 10 – May 22, 2021
Undercover Episode 11 – May 28, 2021
Undercover Episode 12 – May 29, 2021
Undercover Episode 13 – June 04, 2021
Undercover Episode 14 – June 05, 2021
Undercover Episode 15 – June 11, 2021
Undercover Episode 15 – June 11, 2021
Under Cover Episode 16 – June 12, 2021

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