Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale Review: A Thrilling New Experience

Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale is a new book that was released on 01 May 2019. This adaptation of the character of Catwoman has been written by Lauren Myracle and art designs have been provided by Isaac Goodhart. Let me give you all a brief synopsis of this book before diving right into reviewing it.

The story focuses on a character known as Selina Kyle who is just a fifteen-year-old girl with no home of her own. She is a strong kid and she rejects the abuse and cruelty she has to suffer. She understands at a young age that sometimes one has to forcefully take what is theirs.

Since Selina Kyle is all alone she has to become tough in order to survive the harshness of this cruel world. She has to become strong and yet she feels sympathy for the streets and community.
The book is a bit differently handled by the writer and the character of Selina Kyle aka future Catwoman has been portrayed in one of the most unique and new ways which are interesting to see.

Also, other than the synopsis there will be no spoilers revealed in this spoiler-free review. The story of Selina Kyle first and foremost is great and the reader genuinely feels what she is suffering. This is an amazing feat achieved by the writer. Also, the artwork is just flawless, the colouring of the book seems to compliment to gloomy life of Selina Kyle.

There is a bit of humour in the story but just at the right time and thus the writer hasn’t overdone anything and maintained a perfect balance between humour and seriousness just at the perfect time.

Under the Moon: A Catwoman reaction

There is a feeling of honestly coming from the story which is also different from other Catwoman stories.

Also, Lauren Myracle has managed to keep the story fixed on Catwoman and not lose focus over different obstacles that she faces. The root jist of the story is that even though we suffer a lot of scars and hardships throughout our life, it doesn’t mean that our lives should be defined by those ugly things.

Overall the book is pretty readable and rather good which is rare in the series of Catwoman books as I personally do not like them but this one is pretty different and way better. Have you had a chance to read this new Catwoman book? If so then do share with us your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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