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Uncle From Another World Manga Receives Anime

Uncle From Another World anime
Uncle From Another World anime.

Isekai stories with a different ring around them will never fail to amuse viewers. As of now, a new isekai manga has been selected for an anime adaptation. The good thing about the isekai series is how these anime show us a world beyond our reach. But what if this new world is harsher, and what about the time when the characters come back to their original world? That is the very concept of Uncle from Another World or Isekai Ojisan (異世界おじさん). The very idea of the manga is hilarious and has been very popular in Japan. As aforementioned, Uncle From Another World anime adaptation has been announced. Even its announcement was done in a fun manner over a mock video. Manga readers might already know the hilarious twists of the story. For non-manga readers, get ready to have your fantasies of another world crushed.

Uncle from another world is written by Hotondoshindeiru. The was published by Kadokawa and was serialized in ComicWalker magazine. It was launched in 2018 and is currently ongoing. In the last three years, the manga has published 6 volumes. As of now, a total of 1.5million copies have been sold. The English-translated version of the first volume was published by Yen Press on June 8, 2021. Three years after the manga’s release, it has been selected for an adaptation. If you are expecting very gorgeous characters, you might be in the wrong place. This is the story of an uncle who has got overpowered skills. This is a real-life fantasy comedy slathered with blood and tears.

Here are all the details about the upcoming Uncle From Another World anime adaptation.

Uncle From Another World Plot Summary

Takafumi’s uncle has been in a coma for 17 years. When he wakes up, he claims to have been in another world for the last 17 years. However, now he has woken up in modern-day Japan. Takafumi tells him how the entire family broke apart after a certain fight. When his Uncle shows him his magic skills, Takafumi agrees to make use of his powers to earn money.

In the modern world of technology, Uncle From Another World gives us a good look at how different life in another world would be from how it is described in fantasy stories. The main characters of the story are very interesting. We have Takafumi, the nephew. He looks after his Uncle and tries to make use of the powers. From time to time, he plays the role of a curious boy who makes remarks about the harsh life of his Uncle in the other world. Next, we have the Uncle. Before getting transported to another world, he was obsessed with Sega games. He had no friends and no life outside video games. Last, we have a tsundere girl that his Uncle meets in the other world. She is pretty and strong but often gets caught up in the airheadedness of Takafumi’s uncle.

Uncle From Another World anime

Uncle From Another World.

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Uncle From Another World Manga Receives Anime Adaptation

On June 18, 2021, a video was uploaded by the Official YouTube Channel of Kadokawa Anime. The video featured an interview with a stranger where he expresses his disbelief that the manga is receiving an anime adaptation. The video ends with an official announcement of the Uncle From Another World anime adaptation. Of course, this was a mock video and made for fun. However, we have to admit that this was one very entertaining way of announcing an anime adaptation. If the announcement came with so much entertainment, we can only imagine how amazing the anime will be.

On the same day, the official Twitter account of the manga also tweeted about anime adaptation. Along with the announcement, we also get the first visual of the anime.

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Cast, Staff, and Other Release details

None of these details has been made available till now. However, an official website was launched. All details will be updated on the site and also on the Twitter handle shared above. Thus, you can check into any of those media to stay updated. Alternatively, you can visit our website for all updated news about the Uncle From Another World anime.

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