The Only Way to Master ‘Ultra Instinct’ In Remaining 16 Minutes In ToP

More than half of the Tournament of power is already over, only 17 minutes are left until the time ends. Vegeta is still the Most Valuable Player with the most number of Eliminations. Frieza’s plan to get a wish from Super Dragon Balls, a new form coming, a new fusion and a lot more questions are still unanswered.

Dragon Ball Super V-jump magazine aired recently, and it showed a list of fighters remaining on the stage; currently in which it was written that there are 27 fighters left in the tournament of power, however, there are 26. Don’t go thinking that Hit is not eliminated. It was a MISTAKE; Yep, a mistake. They forgot to include Monna from Universe 4 who was eliminated by Cabba from Universe 6.

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Now, without any more delays, coming straight to the topic;

Well, that’s rather an interesting question, isn’t it? I believe Y’all must’ve watched the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super i.e. episode 116. Well to summarize the episode showed a fight between the fusion featuring the overwhelming power of (overpowered) Kefla and a powered up Goku using ultra instinct. So how did it go? How did the episode end? Kefla finally got knocked out of the ring and we got a very valuable piece of information which states that ultra instinct is a technique that puts a lot of strain on the body and drains stamina. 

Doesn’t that sound just like the symptoms of using Kaioken? Well, it’s true. Both of these techniques are quite similar. It’s just that kaioken enhances power and speed whereas ultra instinct enhances the senses and gives a full mastery over body movements.

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Y’all must be wondering if kaioken and ultra instinct both put a whole lot of strain on the body, then why the hell is Goku gonna use them together? If you’re thinking that it’s because using ultra instinct won’t be enough to beat the big daddy Jiren, then you’re partially right.

You see we got to know that Goku could only use ultra instinct for defense but that just made the offense weaker. So he won’t get anywhere with mere defense only and hence there is a need to boost attack as well. Does something kick in? Yes, that’s where kaioken comes handy. It’ll be just used to cover up for the lack of attack while using ultra instinct.

And basically, what makes me getting sure of the thing that Ultra Instinct isn’t the final or main thing; Goku will achieve something far beyond that is Goku will achieve some other form in his next fight against Jiren and not ‘Ultra Instinct’;

In short, the red aura we saw in the leaks, previews, and posters is the actual new form of Goku. ‘Ultra Instinct’ is a technique which was achieved by Goku using the Spirit bomb as a trigger and used it as a temporary energy source for his depleted body. Same goes when he used Kefla’s energy as a trigger. 

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Why Jiren Won’t Win Against Goku in Tournament of Power!


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Don’t give that Goku is the strongest and his power will be enough to beat Jiren and all that load of crap. That’s just a child’s point of view, not a grown-up’s. We all know that Goku hasn’t won fights by using overwhelming power. That’s just not the forte of Dragon Ball.

So let me tell you about all the possible reasons behind Goku’s win against Jiren.

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Firstly, we all got to see that Jiren prefers fighting alone as he thinks other warriors of his universe are weaker than him and will only drag him down. To put it simply, Jiren has too much Pride in his power, maybe even more than Vegeta. That may work to his disadvantage.

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Secondly, despite his looks, it doesn’t seem like Jiren has much endurance. I mean why would a guy who can endure some hits need an impenetrable defense? We have seen that Jiren creates force fields around his body to protect himself from outer attacks.

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And as we all know Goku will be able to penetrate into that impenetrable defense and land some hits on that macho-man body of Jiren which is probably weak and he may not be able to stand against the hits of kaioken powered up Goku using ultra instinct.

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Lastly, it has been proven countless times that overconfidence has driven all men to their own doom and yes, Jiren is very overconfident about his own power and as we have seen many times Goku will crush that overconfidence and in the end that’ll result in his loss.

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Moreover, Jiren probably doesn’t have that much stamina and needs to recover it from time to time by meditating.

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