Ultra Instinct Goku Just Eliminated One Of The Strongest Warriors In ToP


There was no surprise back when Goku successfully unleashed the power of Ultra Instinct again. It was confirmed to be a form just like Super Saiyan but there are still restrictions as to how he can use the form. Nevertheless, Goku was able to defeat one of the most powerful contestants in the Tournament of Power.

But beside from Goku breaking his limit, and further breaking the Tournament of Power stage, this episode showed Goku defeating one of the best warriors so far. As briefly as she appeared, Kefla is already out of the Tournament stage.The two Namekians are the only ones left in the Universe 6 team. With this, Universe 6 is in serious trouble.

One thing that we learned for sure is that Kefla is powerful, but not as powerful enough to defeat Jiren. If Kefla’s power is the same as Goku’s Spirit Bomb, Jiren can just stare and defeat the fusion warrior. Even though UI Goku was OP when he was fighting Kefla, you can’t ignore the fact that Goku will be still in the disadvantage against Jiren because of stamina problems.

In the end, because Ultra Instinct uses a lot more stamina than the Super Saiyan Blue, Goku finished the fight with one lucky Ultra Instinct Kamehameha. It cost him all of his stamina, but at least Kefla was gone and no longer a threat to Universe 7’s survival.

And thus we know that Goku needs to break his limit again to surpass Jiren and ensure the survival of the Universe 7. If there is one way he can have another energy transfer again, just like Frieza did, that would be great. It is worthy to note that Goku cannot rest in the Tournament of Power again, only 17 minutes were left. Because of this, the chance of him attaining Ultra Instinct again is very little.

It is very unlikely that we will see Kefla again in the future. For all that we know, if the Namekians from Universe 6 fails, Caulifla and Kale, as well as Hit and Cabba and all other characters will get erased. Frost was the first to go and right now there is a great chance that his teammates would follow him. Though I would love to see how strong Caulifla can become if she trains with Goku and Vegeta in Beerus’ world.


Goku Just Learned A Completely New Technique

Hey everyone! Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 dropped a while ago, and I think it was the best episode we’ve had since the one hour special. Lately, Dragon Ball Super has been really good, and the animation has been very fluid. The Tournament of Power is getting interesting by the episode, and now, just 17 minutes are remaining, which means we’re close to entering the final stages of this Tournament.

This week’s Dragon Ball Super saw Goku use Ultra Instinct technique once again, and then fight Kafla. We basically knew that Kafla’s time was up. She was overpowering Goku for too long, and it was either her, or Goku at this point. With near about 17 minutes to go, I think everyone agreed that Goku cannot be eliminated here.

That only left us with one conclusion, and that was Kafla’s elimination. Goku got a hang of Ultra Instinct this week, for the most part. He was able to use its powers to properly, unlike the last time, where he ran out of stamina before even doing anything serious. This time, Goku was able to react a lot faster, and even those around him agreed that Goku was a lot stronger than before. Meaning, he has grown even further in power. Not only is he growing in power, but his skill is also growing with it.

This week, Goku learned a completely new technique, that we haven’t seen him perform before. He was able to punch air, and create an air cannon, kind of like how Hit does it.

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