‘Ultra Instinct Goku’ Finally Debuts In The ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Manga

The Dragon Ball Super manga has been going at full force in the last couple of months, and we’ve already arrived at the finale of the Tournament of Power. Universe 7 and Universe 11 are the only two universes left now, and there is a handful of warriors left for each side. Goku and Jiren have already started their fight, and in the next chapter, we’ll be focusing mainly on this fight.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Spoilers

Goku has already gone all out against Jiren, and he has nothing new up his sleeve anymore. Meanwhile, Jiren hasn’t even started fighting seriously yet. By seeing Master Roshi’s quick movements and fluid evasions in his fight against Jiren, Goku was able to awaken Ultra Instinct Omen. Everyone believed that Ultra Instinct Omen was not going to be in the manga, since Toriyama had just designed Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku, with the silver hair.

Ultra Instinct Goku

To out surprise, Ultra Instinct Omen is in the manga, and Goku had finally been able to tap into it. However, if you thought the chapter would make it as incredible as DBS Episode 110 did, you’d be disappointed. The chapter was very disappointing when it came to fights. Gohan and Kefla were off-paneled, and so was Vegeta vs. Toppo. Goku exchanged a few blows against Jiren, and we saw a bit of Roshi, which makes no sense, although was cool to watch.

Goku entered Ultra Instinct for a few seconds and lost it without even being able to do anything. In the anime, this was a lot more impactful since Goku was actually able to go toe to toe against Jiren, and not only that, but he also managed to land hits on Jiren. No such thing happened in the manga, and that really disappointed me, to be honest.

I hope Toyotaro improves his writing, and hopefully next month, we’ll get a chapter that is full of awesome combat. We’ll most probably be focusing on Vegeta vs. Toppo, and Goku vs. Jiren now. I think Ultra Instinct Omen may show up again in the next chapter, but that’s just a guess. Only 15 or so minutes remain in the Tournament of Power now, and it is time Goku for Goku to break his shell and attain the power of the Gods. I hope the next chapter doesn’t disappoint us like this month’s chapter.

What are your thoughts on Ultra Instinct Omen in the manga? Do you think it’ll show up in the next chapter?

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