U Kwon from Block B and Model Jeon Sun Hye Split Up after 10-Year Relationship

U Kwon of Block B and Jeon Sun Hye break up
U Kwon of Block B and Jeon Sun Hye break up

Jeon Sun Hye has revealed that she is no longer dating U Kwon of Block B. Ahe also stated that they are now just friends. U Kwon had revealed their relationship back in 2012, and since then, fans have been supporting their relationship and cheering for them.
It is hard to handle the pressure and date in the Kpop industry, but they still were together and supported each other for ten years, which means a whole decade, and this is not a short time.

But Jeon Sun Hye has mentioned that they are still friends and revealed that they will still be supporting each other through their journeys. After the break-up of many couples in the Kpop and Kdrama industry, like Momo of Twice and Kim Hee Chul of Super Junior, and many more power couples, the breakup of U Kwon and Jeon Sun Hye added to the shock of fans.

U Kwon debuted with Block B on April 13, 2011, under Stardom Entertainment. Since then, the group has made a huge impact in the Kpop industry with its unique style and amazing musicality. Currently, they are being managed by KQ Entertainment. The thirty-year-old idol, U Kwon is the Lead Dancer and the Vocalist of the group. Fans have always loved him and praised him for his talent. After he revealed his relationship and announced that he has a girlfriend, fans have been very supportive of their relationship. Let us see how their relationship started and how it is going.

U Kwon revealed his relationship in 2012

The Kpop idol U Kwon from Block B was revealed on December 2, 2012, on the BBC Fan Club of the group about the relationship. He disclosed that he is dating a popular model Jeon Sun Hye who is four years older than him. He also shared that she has been the supporting pillar for him and who gave him strength and support whenever he wanted to give up or when he was feeling down. He had also mentioned that she was his first love. Since then, they have been publically dating. And fans, too, were happy for them and supported their happiness.

U Kwon of Block B and Jeon Sun Hye break up
U Kwon of Block B

Jeon Sun Hye announced their breakup

On May 1, 2022, Kpop fans and fans of Jeon Sun Hye were struck by the sudden news of Jeon Sun Hye and U Kwon breaking up. Jeon Sun Hye posted a note on her Instagram account revealing that she and the Block B member U Kwon are not lovers anymore. In the caption, she mentioned that she would be deleting the post after a day.

U Kwon of Block B and Jeon Sun Hye break up
Model Jeon Sun Hye

The note said that many people had been sending her direct messages lately, which might have been probably about her and U Kwon. She felt that many people were worried, and thus, after pondering a lot, she decided to write this note. She wanted to break the news to the fans very cautiously and said that at the moment, they are no longer lovers and just friends.

Their relationship was supported by fans all over, and thus she showed her gratitude towards them by thanking them for looking over them all these years, being kind to them, and supporting them through their hardships. At last, she added a sentence to give strength to the fans saying that they all have worked very hard today as well. The note was written with sincerity, and that could be felt while reading it. The model wanted to share not just her happiness but also her difficult times with the fans. And thus, fans were very supportive of her.

U Kwon’s response to the breakup

As of now, U Kwon has not expressed his views on the situation. And there has been no message from his side. Fans are waiting for his response to the situation and are ready to give him comfort and support. The Kpop idol had completed his military service and was officially discharged from the military on November 21, 2021.

Although it was a big surprise for the fans, the comments on Jeon Sun Hye’s Instagram post were filled with supporting messages which wished her strength for the future.

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