U-Kiss Hoon To Get Married To Former Girls Day Member Hwang Ji Seon, Tango Music Announces

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u-kiss hoon married
U-Kiss Hoon married

Wedding bells are to ring along yet again as it has been announced by Tango Music that U-KISS Hoon is going to get married to Hwang Ji Seon very soon this month! Hwang Ji Seon, the lucky person with whom U-KISS Hoon married life, will begin with, is actually a former Girls Day member. Hoon is currently aged thirty years, while Hwang Ji Seon is thirty-two years old.

According to the announcement, U-KISS Hoon’s married life with Hwang Ji Seon will begin on the 29th of May 2022, when they will be having the official marriage ceremony in Seoul. The wedding vows will be exchanged in a small ceremony in the presence of their parents from both sides as well as close acquaintances. Furthermore, Hoon asked everyone to give them warm encouragement and blessings as they are about to open a new chapter of their lives.

U-KISS Hoon announced the happy news in a letter to the fans. There, he reveals that he has had a girlfriend whom he had been dating for a while and introduced the lucky girl as Hwang Ji Seon. According to Hoon, Hwang Ji Seon is someone who respects his work, takes care of his family, always cheers him up, and also cherishes his fans, and does all this more than anyone else in his life.

U-KISS Hoon Married – Hoon Reveals His Plans for Future Activities

Despite taking steps toward a new start, U-KISS Hoon promised his fans that he would neither avoid nor give up activities as a U-KISS member and through his various activities, would be “repaying for the love and support received throughout the years” to his fans. Hoon also expresses his gratefulness for the support fellow U-KISS members and his agency TANGO Music have shown for his decision.

U- KISS Hoon Married Life Announced Through A Handwritten Letter

U-KISS Hoon announced his marriage to Hwang Ji Seon in a handwritten letter to fans. Hoon starts off by saying that it took a lot of courage to be able to make this announcement to the fans. He writes that he is worried that the news will potentially cause a lot of hurt and disappointment to the dedicated fans who have supported him over the years.

And according to Hoon, the biggest reason he has been able to make his name in the industry is because of the fans, which makes him all the more cautious before making this sensitive announcement. Still, Hoon thought that the fans should be hearing about this decision himself first and asked for their blessing for the decision that he had made after much consideration.

u-kiss hoon married
U-KISS Hoon married life announcement through a handwritten letter

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Of course, K-pop idols are often attacked when any rumor or announcement related to their dating lives or marriage is made, and it is due to the “parasocial” nature of the relationship between the fans and the idols. But thankfully, in Hoon’s case, his fans are both surprised and highly supportive of his decision, and through their comments all throughout social media sites have been wishing for nothing but the best for the couple!

u-kiss hoon married
U-Kiss Hoon.

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A Bit About Hwang Ji Seon – Hoon’s to-be Wife

Hwang Ji Seon made her debut with Dream T Entertainment’s girl-group GIRL’S DAY in 2010. After a brief stay with them for a total of 61 days, she departed from the groups, the reason for leaving being “wanting to explore more to find out the kind of musical color that suits me”. Thus, in November 2011, she debuted in another group New.F.O, which disbanded after a few months. Hwang Ji Seon also appeared in a four-member girl group by Vine Entertainment named ShaFLA, which debuted in October 2018.

u-kiss hoon married
Hwang Ji Seon.

The former Girls Day member Ji Seon also competed in the Idol Rebooting Project survival show called The Unit but was unable to get enough votes to successfully go through the first round. Hwang Ji Seon recently moved to Richards Entertainment. Watch her debut with Girls Day here. Here’s to wishing the best of luck to Hwang Ji Seon for her new beginning with U-KISS Hoon, married life!

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