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Two Chapters Till Mizu Sahara’s Okashiratsuki Comes To End

Mizu Sahara's Okashiratsuki manga ends in two chapters.
Mizu Sahara's Okashiratsuki manga ends in two chapters.

Mizu Sahara, better known as Sumomo Yumeka is a mangaka. She writes shoujo, seinen, and josei manga under her pen name ‘Mizu Sahara’. Mizu Sahara has an artistic way of storytelling that lets readers on to a journey filled with wonderful emotions. Her popular works include Kon no ki Konoha and Kimi wa Boku no Tayou. She has written some really wholesome manga under her pen name too. Her work ‘My Girl’ received a live-action adaptation in 2009. Her ongoing work, Okashiratsuki, is yet another adorable story. Okashiratsuki was only published as an experimental project. However, when fans grew fond of it, Mizu Sahara decided to continue writing it. Now, three years later, Mizu Sahara’s Okashiratsuki manga ends in two chapters.

Okashiratsuki started in 2018. So far, the manga jas three complete volumes and an ongoing fourth volume. Mizu Sahara’s works mostly have a touch of boldness that other manga series lack at times. Okashiratsuki is one brilliant example of this trait of the mangaka. She does not shy away from jotting down things about the Japanese culture that come out as an issue. Instead, she addresses these social norms and tries to face them through her works. It is mostly in between the lines, but these issues are not difficult to grasp from most of her works.

Now that Mizu Sahara’s Okashiratsuki manga ends in two chapters, manga readers who haven’t read it can read it. The manga is well-shaped with a balance of fiction and reality. I would easily recommend it to both shoujo and seinen readers for its comforting storyline.

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Okashiratsuki: Plot

Mizu Sahara's Okashiratsuki manga comes to an end in two chapters

Manga: Okashiratsuki.

Hiyama Nachi is a high schooler who belongs to the softball club. She is popular in her school and often receives confession. Yet, she turns them all down. Her classmates see her as strange and call her unbearable. However, Nachi’s biggest complaint is being unable to get tan under the sun. It puts her in a tough spot in her class as her classmates outcast her over her pale skin.

Nachi’s classmate is Utsumi. He is quiet and kind. But, when Nachi discovers a secret about him, she instantly starts getting closer to him. The story revolves around Nachi and Utsumi, two peculiar people as they journey through different issues in life.

Okashiratsuki is an aesthetically slow-paced story. Meaning it relaxes its way through the plot that gives off an aura of peacefulness. The ultimate goal of the story is simple yet solid: to eradicate social norms that concern physical appearance. Nachi and Utsumi’s story is a melancholic seinen romance that will never bore you.

So far, only the compiled volumes up to volume 3 are available to read online outside of Japan. The manga only so far has fan-translated versions available. However, you can buy it online on any authentic website.

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Mizu Sahara’s Okashiratsuki Manga Ends In Two Chapters

Chapter 18 of Miku Sahara’s Okashiratsuki named “Sweetly, Bitterly Salty” marked the end of volume 3. Shortly after the volume’s release, it was announced that the manga was reaching its climax. The story has got a time skip so far and some pretty wholesome moments altogether.

The manga launches its new chapters in Tokuma Shoten’s Month-to-month Comedian Magazine. In its June issue, it was announced that the Mizu Sahara’s manga Okashiratsuki would come to an end in two chapters. This indicated that the manga would most probably end by June 25. However, the date may delay given that there is some obstacle.

Fans have mixed reactions to this as some find it ‘too quick to end’, and others feel that it’s best that it not get too stretched. Either way, Mizu Sahara’s work had gathered a lot of people who thoroughly enjoyed the story. Her work has a lot of moments that fans often claim to relate to that make her quite a fan favorite. Someday if her manga can exceed sales, we might also get to see an anime adaptation of her work.

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