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Twin Peaks Season 2 Ending Explained: What Happened To Dale Cooper?

All About The Second Season Of Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks

American drama television series Twin Peaks series initially gained positive reception from viewers. The hit show, which was created by Mark Frost and David Lynch, had a three-season run that spanned over  48 episodes. While the show originally had a two season plan, the show’s original run, which comprises two seasons, ended on June 10, 1991. Network giant ABC has to cancel the original show due to a steady decline in the second season rating. The show remains one of the iconic cult classic shows that started on a strong note. However, fans were utterly disappointed with how the second season ended with a rather bizarre note that many could not grasp. 

The show was renewed for a third season that consisted of 18 episodes. The renewal announcement came in October 2014 and made its debut on Showtime back on May 21, 2017. The pilot of the second season premiere was ninety minutes long each. This was long compared to all the other episodes, which were approximately 45 minutes. The episodes of the third season were mostly 60 minutes long. Let us find out all about Twin Peaks Season 2 Ending Explained. The question of who killed small-town teen queen Laura Palmer was answered. 

Twin Peaks Season 2 Ending Explained: All About The Unconventional Ending of The Classic Cult Show. 

As the second season ended on a rather bizarre note, we soon realize that Cooper wakes up in bed after being checked on by Harry and Doc Hayward. As everything seems to be normal with the world, things soon take a complicated turn. It was finally revealed that Laura was killed by her father, but Dale was not the same person by the end of season 2! 

Twin Peaks Season 2 Ending Explained:

Twin Peaks Season 2

Cooper gets up, and fans soon realize that he is now, well, possessed by Bob. The second season finale ends with Bob as Cooper repeatedly asking How’s Annie. The finale ended with him laughing. While it was clear that who ultimately killed small-town teen queen Laura Palmer. Fans were left to an eternity of bafflement by the time season 2 ended. 

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Where Can You Watch The Iconic Twin Peaks Series?

You can take a trip down the memory and revisit the mysterious case of FBI special agent Dale Cooper working through Laura’s suspicious murder case. The show is available on not one but three streaming platforms including Hulu, Netflix, and Paramount+. Here’s the revival trailer as the show returned on Showtime twenty-five years later. 

Moreover, the much-awaited Showtime limited series, Twin Peaks: The Return that makes a return after 25 long years after the original series is also available for viewers. You can watch it on Hulu or Showtime if you subscribe to their Showtime channel. If you are done binge-watching the series, you can also watch the feature film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk that revolves around Laura’s last days! It is available to stream on HBO Max. So, don’t miss out on the classic cult show that left a lasting impression. 

Creator David Lynch Admitted That He Hated Season 2!

It seems like it was not only the fans who were utterly disappointed with the second season-ending. Filmmaker and series creator David Lynch states in an exclusive interview that how utterly disappointed he was with how the second season ended. Lynch stated that pilot is the only thing he is particularly and extremely proud of. The creator further stated that while there were great moments along the way, the second season s****d and was not quite what they planned upon.

How To Explain The Bizarre Ending

Twin Peaks Season 2

The killer was revealed to be none other than Laura’s father, Leland Palmer. While the big revelation happened in the seventh episode of the second season, Lynch believes that is from where the show began its downward spiral and declined. He further revealed that they were never able to get going creatively. This came in right after Laura’s killer was revealed. He even claimed that they were not quite happy with how the second season ended. The show returned almost two decades later on Showtime, but fans still wonder about how things ended in the season 2 finale. 

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