Twilight Zone Review: An Awful And Unnecessary Remake

Twilight Zone is one of the most interesting TV shows out there, and it has been for some time, I’m talking about the original show and not the remake. The new show, on the contrary, has nothing that will interest the fanbase of Twilight Zone series in watching this remake.

The original series was loved for its twists and surprises, but the new has no surprises, well to be fair it has some but either they are dead lame, or they are highly predictable. Also, the horror that we normally associated with this series is lacking as well. There is also nothing at all that makes these episodes stand out and have their own identity.

The worst part is you have to actually pay CBS All Access streaming service to watch this awful show. But thankfully the CBS All Access streaming service has other better or I should say far and way better shows that you all can watch like The Good Fight and Star Trek: Discovery. Another weird thing is that Jordan Peele himself did not write or direct any of the four episodes which quite frankly were way below par than our worst nightmares imagined.

Even if Jordan Peele takes control of the situation now it will all be futile as it will be too little too late for the show which just has no appeal.

Twilight Zone Review

Ironically the second episode which is titled “Nightmare at 30,000 Feet”, has added an additional 10,000 feet from the original episode but ends up making it 10,000 times more awful and just horrible.

This episode is the most famous episode of the history of the original show but won’t even match the greatness of its dust in comparison. On the contrary, the lowest rated episodes of Twilight Zone in the history is Black Mirror but the entire new series is a million times worse than even that one episode of the original series. Most people might think that I’m going too hard on them but the expectations from this remake were remarkably high.

It was one of the most anticipated things on the television this year and looked at what they have produced. It isn’t even worth reviving, to be honest. Everything about this series is dull, the writing, action, sound, and story. Most of the surprises in the episodes are not surprising at all because even an infant can foresee what is coming next up. The first four Twilight Zone series episodes to be summoned up in one word are “boredom.” So, whoever wants to gets a pie of subscription to go ahead.

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