‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ Episode 14 Release Date: Things Are Getting Really Interesting

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'Twenty-Five Twenty-One' Episode 14
'Twenty-Five Twenty-One' Episode 14

As fans are waiting for ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ Episode 14, the k-drama has become one of the highest-rated shows right now. From relationships to friendships, the k-drama is showing us one of the beautiful stories. As soon as Hee Do and her mother made up again in the cemetery, the two were back to fighting again in the car. While her mother wants her to go to college, Hee Do wanted to continue fencing. So taking care of all their interests, she continues fencing and went on to apply for the college too.

The next month, Hee Do and Ji Woong went on to give their CSAT. While Yu Rim, Seung Won, and Yi Jin cheered for them. Back in training, everyone looked at Ye Ji as she wanted to quit fencing. The team asked her to reconsider. But looking at Ye Ji being sure, Hee Do stood up for her in front of Coach Min Chae. Along with her and Yu Rim, the whole team defended Ye Ji’s decision, telling the coach that they won’t be training until Ye Ji gets to quit the team. Later on, talking to her, Min Chae went on to challenge Ye Ji to reach the quarter-finals, thinking it will make her stay.

'Twenty-Five Twenty-One' Episode 14
A still from ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’

Getting to know that only then she’ll be able to leave the team, Yu Rim and Hee Do even went on to help her.

‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ Recap: Why Did Seung Wan Left The School?

The day of the match finally came and Ye Ji was doing wonders. As she ended up winning the match, everyone was happy. As Min Chae came on to ask her to compete for the next round, hoping she’d change her mind. Even after winning the match, she was sure that she’d had enough of the fencing and wanted to quit. On the other side, Looking at her teacher beating Ji Woong and other students, Seung Wan stood up to the teacher. Reporting him to the police, Seung Wan went on to advocate for the students.

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But instead got a lecture from the authority that how hard it is to discipline students without corporal punishment. Going back to the station, the police in charge told the case to a reporter who went on to meet Seung Wan. But with Yi Jin reaching there on time, he was able to stop her Seung Wan from giving the interview. And stopped the reporter from framing her as a bratty student. Having nowhere else to talk to, Seung Wan talked about the teacher on her radio show. Using that against her, the teacher demanded a public apology from her.

'Twenty-Five Twenty-One' Episode 14
A still from ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’

But not holding herself back, she told the teacher that she’ll be quitting school as she’d be ashamed of graduating from a school like that.

‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ Episode 14 Release Date & What To Expect?

‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ Episode 14 will release on March 27, 2022. Hearing her decision, Seung Wan’s mother was supportive of her. But before leaving, she went on to make the teacher regret his decision. Wishing everyone luck, Seung Wan was out of school. Meeting Yi Jin on her way out, the two climbed over the locked gate to leave the place. And outside they found Yu Rim and Hee Do with a cake congratulating them for their new beginning. Getting Hee Do’s picture from Ji Woong, Yi Jin was happy.

His documentary featuring Hee Do and Yu Rim was a hit too. Things were finally changing for him as he became one of the reporters in the sports segment. With all of them moving ahead in life on different pathways, it’s hard to tell what the future holds for them. While fans are losing their mind over what would happen, a look of Yi Jin from the future might be able to calm them down.

Where To Watch Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ Episode 14 With English Subtitles?

Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ Episode 14 will be available to watch on the streaming platforms Netflix and TVing with English subtitles.

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