Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 10: Are Yi Jin & Hee Do Together In Future?

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'Twenty-Five Twenty-One episode 10

We are already halfway through ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One, we’ve seen Na Hee Do’s journey to achieve her dream. Watching the story through her daughter Min Chae’s eyes, this has been an interesting trip. But as the story is moving forward, fans are getting impatient. Hoping to see Baek Yi Jin, they are waiting for episode 10 of ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ this weekend. Seeing the things her mother has been through, Min Chae was curious. But going back in time, Yi Jin was more curious about why Hee Do was listening to his recording from the broadcasting club.

Attending the fencing jury along with Hee Do, the two fencers were suspended for three months. While Hee Do was on her way out, she saw an official giving her condolences to Yu Rim for losing the gold medal. The discrimination has been bugging Hee Do, making her hate Yu Rim more. While Yu Rim was with her mother at the shop, she got to know that her mother had been scammed along with many other people. While her mother tried to play it cool, Yu Rim knew that the family’s financial condition was below the bar. And looking at her mother cry alone and not being able to help her, broke her internally.

'Twenty-Five Twenty-One episode 10
A still from ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’

‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ Recap: Yi Jin Is Getting Back On His Feet, Despite The Bad Times

Visiting a creditor’s house, Yi Jin gave him the money he saved up by working. Thanking him, the creditor told Yi Jin to not keep the promise anymore. As he went to see Yu Rim and her family, she was still a bit with him. While they still talked about the match a bit, he tried comforting her as much as he could. Hearing that Yi Jin was moving back to the room, Seung Wan and Ji Woong were disappointed. But Hee Do was really excited that she went on to help him move back in. But setting his stuff back in and hearing about his girlfriends, Hee Do was disappointed.

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Trying to be good at his job, Yi Jin came up with the idea of booking a hotel room to use the telephone. While it started out well, with his laptop getting the blue screen, Yi Jin lost all the notes and had to hang up the phone in the middle of the live telecast. And for the mistake, he had to bear the wrath of Jae Kyung back at the studio. Coming back home he found a bag at the door. Opening it he found a note from Hee Do along with some bread and asked him to save the stickers. But days after the embarrassing moment as the two ran into each other on the bus, he gave her the stickers he saved. The two went to get some ice cream and the two ended up having another sweet moment.

'Twenty-Five Twenty-One episode 10
A still from ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’

‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 10 Release Date & What To Expect?

‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One episode 10 will release on March 13, 2022. Seeing Yu Rim on the diving board alone, Hee Do wondered what she was doing there. And looking at her jumping in the pool and breaking down, made Hee Do wonder what was going on. Having no one to share what she saw, Hee talked to Injeolmi.

Telling them everything she saw, she asked if her friend was also going through a rough patch. Asking Injeolmi to meet, the day was finally here. We also saw a flashback from Chan Mi’s past. How she was betrayed by Jae Kyung, with whom she was used to be close. And based on her experience with the reporter, she has also advised Hee Do to not get too close to Yi Jin as it could backfire on her.

Where To Watch ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 10 With English Subtitles?

‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One episode 10 will be available to watch on the streaming platform Netflix with English subtitles.

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