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Twelve Minutes Ending Explained

Twelve Minutes only came out a few days ago, and today we will get its ending explained. This is a point-and-click psychological thriller game that has the players sit for hours replaying the same twelve minutes. The plot for the game is subjective as it may end according to how a player may want to play out their story. The game is set to have multiple endings, which will have you repeatedly play through the same twelve minutes. Developed by Luís António, Twelve Minutes is published by Annapurna Interactive. Luis Antonio was previously a game developer at both Rockstar Games and Ubisoft. But later, he went on to develop his own game on a small scale. He noticed how most video games were on a loop having the player do the same events over the course of hours. So, Luis Antonio was inspired to develop Twelve Minutes.

Initially, the game was based on a whole neighborhood with the character looping through 24 hours. But this would have been too large scale for Luis Antonio at the time. Due to this, he chose to develop the game based on twelve minutes and an apartment. While he announced the game back in 2015, the release took quite some time. He even took the help of some other game developers to refine the game. Later, Annapurna Interactive even cast the actors and provided a safe space to record the lines for the game. The voice acting for the game was provided by James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe. They voiced the roles of the protagonist, wife, and the cop, respectively. Subsequently, the game received a lot of praise, even from the one and only Hideo Kojima. So, let’s if we can get the ending explained in Twelve Minutes.

Twelve Minutes Ending Explained

Daisy Ridley, James McAvoy, and Willem Dafoe.

Twelve Minutes Plot

The plot of Twelve Minutes follows the story of a man as he returns back to his apartment after work. He is greeted by his wife as they spend their evening together. But that’s when his wife surprises him with the news of her pregnancy. The couple is elated as they will have a child soon in their life. But just as they start celebrating while dancing together, something stops them. The whole moment starts to get ruined as a cop shows up at their door. He wanted to come in as he had found the wife to be under suspicion of murder. The cop does not seem to be cooperative as he attacks both of them and binds their hands. Then the cop proceeds to strangle the Man to death.

But this is when things get interesting as the Man goes back to the time when he has just entered the apartment. This was about 12 minutes prior to his death, thus the title “Twelve minutes”. You, as a player, realize that you are in a time loop. And you must do your best to get out of this to save yourself and your wife. Initially, the Man tries to convince his wife that he was in a time loop. While she does remain doubtful, you must use all you found out the previous time to make her realize that you are telling the truth. Now, you must go about in their repeated time loops in order to discover why the cop was here in the first place. Is your wife really a killer? Moreover, did she actually kill her father?

So, let’s see what the story entails.

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What Happens in Twelve Minutes?

To find out more about the cop and the wife, the Man must hide in the closet and listen to all of the events. This will lead the Man to learn that the cop was there for a pocket watch previously owned by his wife’s father. Through the conversation, the Man finds out that the wife had killed her father due to his abusive behavior. So, in the further loops, the Man tries his best to prove his wife innocent. As he repeatedly interrogates both his wife and the cop, the Man learns that the wife was actually innocent. The wife had shot her father on Christmas while he actually passed away due to some different shooting on New Year’s Eve. With this information, the Man is able to prove his wife innocent. If so, who actually killed the wife’s father?

12 Minutes

The Man and The Wife dancing.

An affair between her father and her nanny caused the events between the wife and her father. After her father repeatedly abused her, she decided to run away with his precious watch. This was the night when the wife ended up meeting her husband, i.e., the protagonist. After the Man proves the wife innocent, the wife recollects something about her half-brother. We even learn that the last words by the wife’s father were “Monster”. Slowly we learn how it was the wife’s half-brother who actually killed her father.

Who is the Cop?

During the course of several loops, we learn that the cop was actually a close friend of the wife’s father. He even had a daughter named Bumblebee, who happened to be very ill. The cop was planning to sell the watch so that he could pay for his daughter’s treatment. And in one of the loops, the Man was even able to obtain Bumblebee’s number. This later comes very handily during the ending of Twelve Minutes.

Twelve Minutes Ending Explained

The Cop subdues The Man and The Wife.

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Who is the Half-Brother in Twelve Minutes?

The Man is the half-brother of his wife. Yes, that’s right. The husband and wife were actually the children of the same father, thus bringing in an incest relationship. Moreover, the wife is pregnant with their baby.

As the wife remembers, her nanny’s name was something flowery that started with “D”. All three present realize that the half-brother was the actual murderer. Nevertheless, the loop still goes on. This is when the Man further investigates to find out the name of the nanny to be Dahlia. That’s when the Man realizes that her wife’s nanny and his mother were the same person. Yes, the husband is the half-brother of his wife. His wife even confirmed this information as to how her father used to call her half-brother Monster. He resented him and treated him badly. And the fact that the father’s final words were “Monster” very well proves that the half-brother had actually killed the father.

So, the Man killed his own and his wife’s father. After which, he went on to marry the wife and have a kid with her, all while being related by blood. Wow. Now that the Man knows about this, what does he do? Moreover, why didn’t the Man remember? Can he have a happy ending?

12 Minutes

The Watch.

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Twelve Minutes Ending Explained

At the end of Twelve Minutes, we learn much more about the Man. The truth is, after killing his father, the Man had suppressed his memories of the same. He was traumatized after killing his father and was left to try and forget the event. He had actually shot him as his father had forbidden him to make contact with his daughter (the wife). During this, the Man is able o break free from the loop by using his father’s watch. Here, he ends up in a different space, possibly a library. Here, he was having the last conversation he has with his father. Recently, the term nexus event has taken quite precedence, and this was similar.

The conversation between the father and son leads to two possible endings – one, where the Man chooses not to be with his half-sister, and two, he chooses to continue his marriage, which would result in his father’s death.

If, as the player, you choose to leave your wife, the loop will finally break as you are sent over to your apartment. But this time, the apartment is empty, and you are no longer with your wife. You are Alone.

Twelve Minutes Ending Explained

The Man cuddles with his Wife.

The second option is to relive the events by seemingly killing your father and marrying your half-sister. You will return to your loop. This time you must call up Bumblebee and convince her to ask her father not to try and treat her unethically. As the cop receives the call from his daughter, this time, he leaves without even entering the apartment. So, with no interruptions, both you and your wife can enjoy the pregnancy. As the couple celebrates, they head over to the bedroom, start kissing and cuddle.

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