The fourth season of Sherlock hit TV screens in January 2017, and there are rumours which suggest that we might get another season of Sherlock and his partner, Dr. Watson. It may be possible that the show would come back after all. Mark Gatiss had previously hinted that he’s happy with the response that the series has got from the audience. He also said, “We hope to carry on as long as we can.”

Sherlock Season 5: Is It Happening?

So far, there has been no news about the show being renewed for a fifth season. However, I wouldn’t count it out. The show has made fans around the globe, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the show did manage to earn a renewal. If the show gets renewed, we can expect it to be released in late 2019.

Sherlock Season 5 Possible Release Date

The main lead, Benedict Cumberbatch has already made it clear that he will definitely be open to the possibility of playing Sherlock again. He said that he believes that the show will come back. He said, “We did [the last series] a year ago, just about, and I’ve been flat-out on Doctor Who ever since. So I haven’t really thought about it. Mark been doing other stuff as well, so we haven’t sat down and had a proper talk about what we would do with another series. The idea of never playing him again is really galling.”

The fourth season of Sherlock was well received as the earlier ones. Many fans didn’t feel that Sherlock performed at the highest level. They believe that the show can do much better. I don’t know who can you blame in this instance. The fans have set their bar high after the first three seasons, and they demand the same from the following seasons. Well, it’s not exactly easy to do it. So, I would recommend calming down a tad bit.


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