Tsurune:Karma Kyudo Club – Release Date, Trailer, Details

Tsurune: Karma Kyudo Club is an upcoming Kyoto Animation anime, and recently the anime released a new trailer for the fans. The release date might belong ahead, but lucky fans got to see the first two episodes of the anime during the first screening of the show, Tsurune: Karma Kyudo Club. The trailer got released on the same day as of the screening of the anime. It’s just the first trailer of the anime yet it reveals lots of details regarding the anime including the release date. Well, let us have a look at the trailer for Tsurune anime.

The trailer reveals the voice actors for the main characters and the side characters as well. We also got to hear the opening theme ‘Naru’ by Luck Life and the ending theme “Orange Iro (オレンジ色)” by ChouCho.

Nanao will be Shougo Yano, the voice Actor for Minato Narumiya will be Yuuto Uemura, the voice actor for Ryouhei will be Ryouta Suzuki, and the voice actor for Kaito Onogi will be Kaito Ishikawa. Kensho Ono, Shintaro Asanuma and Aoi Ichikawa are other voice actors working on the series.

The anime’s original work is done by Kotoko Ayano and the Director for the series will be Takuya Yamamura, Character design is done under the table of Miku Kadowaki, Music is made by Harumi Fuuki, The company responsible for the animation will be Kyoto Animation, Production house will be Tsurune Production Committee.

The release date of the anime was revealed with the trailer of the show, that is, 22 October 2018. It is not so far away. Lucky fans who got to see the first two episodes of the show are hyped up for the third episode.

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