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Preview and Recap: Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 4


The tale of young talented singers who want to become the greatest idols continues. Sora leads his team to reach great heights in TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2. Sora and the students make a fantastic performance sending off the third-years from the recent development of the anime. He announces that the song is for cheering everyone and make them happy. After a year, the students assemble and take about the main event that will launch soon. Morihito shows the boys how they will be working and gives them works books since they are performing at the upcoming live event.

Soushi discovers about Tsukipro Live 2021 Summer Carnival. The students discuss Solids, Quelle, Growth, and Soara unit. Ren retold the others that the event will take place this year in two days. On the following day of the event, they will join four teams in a live event. Nozomu said that it shows that they are entering summer. Soushi reminds Sora and Nozumu to save their energy for the summer event. Ren replies that Nozumu and Sora will be out of strength before the event even starts.

Eichi spoke about the number of events they have held and got invited more than five times to launch summer events. Sora told his unit that they would excel, and Soushi adds that their leader will clear their path. Morito talks about showing an outstanding performance that will blow everyone’s mind. Eichi reminds them about the schedule and releases the new song that will get revealed during the performance. He told them to develop a version that rhymes with the music.

Previously on TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 Episode 3

Morihito wanted to take some instruments to the event and realizes that it will be difficult for them to move the devices since he wants to make something that everyone in the arena will have a chance to see. Soushi teases Mori for wearing a suit like he is going for office work, but it suits him since he also takes on an important task. Ren praises Mori for handling two jobs at the same time as an idol and Tsukipro employee. Sora and Nozomu said that Mori is a mature adult. Eichi told the boys to focus on their plans.

They both leave the jokes aside and focus on their work. During the meeting, Sora and the others finished their work and wanted to take with Mori, who worked on something. The boys decided to leave Mori and head to the studio. The studio guy wonders why the boys have come without Mori. Later Ren, Sora, Eichi, Soushi, and Nozomi encounter the recording guy and show him what they have come to practice. The guy is not glad that Mori is not around, and he can’t allow them to start without Mori. He talked about Mori’s record and that Mori has to be the first one to perform.



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The Soara Unit

The boys told the recording guy that Mori will take time to arrive and work waiting for him to arrive. Ren reveals that Mori is in president Noashita’s business promotion department. Nozomu also said that Mori is doing two jobs that are holding him back. They both agree that they can record, and Mori will be the last one since they are out of time. Soushi steps up and shows an outstanding performance. Sora and Nozomi help Soushi with his new song.

Later Soushi finished producing his song, and Ren enters the room and sings his song. Meanwhile, Mori received a message from Sora and told Sora that he is coming to the studio. Sora told the boys that Mori with arriving in a half hour to perform his song. The boys continue with practice and try to make their music better. Rene enters the recording room, and the boys helped him while Mori’s car arrives at the studio. Soushi bumps with Mori at the entrance.

The two talked about their plans, and Mori heads to speak with the boys. The Soara unit worked together, and Ren Ren told Mori that they had changed some lines. Mori helps Nozomi to finish with his music, and they both complete the task of the day. The boys are ready for  Tsukipro Live 2021 Summer Carnival. Later the Soara unit heads to the event and shows excellent performance.

Tsukipro-The Animation 2 Episode 4 Release Date

The latest Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 4 release is 28 July 2021. TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 online on HIDIVE and VRV;

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