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Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 3: Release Date, Preview and Recap


The story of boys who want to become the greatest idols continues in TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2. On 2 February 2015, the students throw a third-year send-off party and performs on a stage. Sora told the students that their song is a cheer sent to all of them. Later in July 2021, the boys sat down and talked about the upcoming live event. Morihito offers the works books to all the boys who will be performing at the upcoming live event. Soushi read the book and fins that it is about the Tsukipro Live 2021 Summer Carnival.

Morihito talked about Solids, Quelle, Growth, and Soara unit. Ren reminds the boys that the event will be held this year over two days, and on the second day, they will have four teams joint live. Nozomu comments that it is another sign of hot summer this year. Soushi notices that Nozomu and Sora celebrate and tell them to keep the energy from now until summer; Ren said the two would run out of power before the event. Eichi reminds the boys that this is the sixth time they have gotten invited to join live that the agency stakes its reputation.

Sora told the Soara unit that they can do it, and Soushi comments that their leader is overwhelming. Morihito said he wants to do a ”live” that exceeds their expectations. Eichi talked about their schedule and told them that they would be performing a new song this time around, but it is a large-scale venue. He told them to come up with a performance that goes along with the music. Morihito realizes that there the instruments that they can’t move around with, and he wants to create a version that anyone can see from every seat in the audience.

Previously on TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 Episode 2

Soushi comments that Mori looks entirely at home wearing a suit and working as a regular company employee. Ren comments that Mori is efficient working in both Spara and as a Tsukipro employee. Sora and Nozomu comment that Mori is a capable adult. Eichi reminds the boy to listen to their plans. They sit down and begin to read about their plans. Sora noticed something and wanted to talk with Mori, but he saw that Mori is busy.

Ren, Sora, Eichi, Soushi, and Nozomi confront the recording guy showing him some paperwork. The recording guy reminds the boys that Mori is the first to record, but they will try to change that if there is something. Nozomi replies that Mori hasn’t arrived, and Soushi said Mori is struggling with traffic. The recording guy realizes that Mori is busy with work, and he works as part of Tsukipro.

Tsukipro Live 2021 Summer Carnival



Ren told the recording guy that Mori is in president Noashita’s business promotion department, and it seems they are working on new plans. Nozomu adds that Mori said that his position helps lots of other sections with odd jobs. Sora told the recording guy who is waiting for Mori to allow them to record since Mori is on his way. Sora suggests that Soushi will register first. Soushi gets inside the recording room and begins recording.

The boys help Soushi to record, and Ren went in after Soushi finishes with his song. Sora communicates with Mori, asking him if he is on his way. Mori told Sora that he would be there in thirty minutes. Sora said to the rest of the team that Mori would arrive soon. Ren begins recording. Later Mori comes and finds that Soushi is waiting for him at the entrance. Mori asks about their progress, and Soushi replies that everything goes smoothly.

Mori entered the room and took off his coat, and Sora wonders if he will fine recording in a suit. Ren told Mori that they have changed the part of the recording and give him a script. Nozomu finished with his recording, and Mori enters the room to conclude the job of the day. Sora interviews Mori after he finished recording, and the boys realize that they have to show their best since they are preparing for Tsukipro Live 2021 Summer Carnival. Later the boys perform their new song as the episode ends.

Tsukipro-The Animation 2 Episode 3 Release Date

The latest Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 3 release date is 22 July 2021. TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 online on HIDIVE.

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