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Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 2: Preview and Recap


TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 begins with two strange guys enjoying the drinks that they prefer. They are making advertisements for coffee to sell off under the company of DYDO. Their manager told them that their unit, Solids, has appeared in and provided the music for the new canned coffee commercial; one of the reporters asked the Solids members about the meaning of the canned coffee. The pink-haired guy comments that when he drinks the coffee, inspiration boils up within him. The pink-haired guy got revealed to be Shiki Takamura.

The blond guy said that he feels refreshed and cherishes his coffee along with breakfast. The blond guy is Tsubasa Okui, and the third one said he prefers different coffees since there are many flowers and a soothing aroma. The third one is Rikka Sera, and the blue-haired guy comments that the coffee makes him feel relaxed, and he is Dai Murase. The news reporters are excited that the song that is out will become a hit. They announce the upcoming 4-unit joint live occurring in the summer, Tsukipro Live 2021 Summer Carnival.

The boys give Shiki a chance to address the reporters and announce that there is no need to rush, and they can wait and see what Solids can do. Later Shiki and Tsubasa talked about Rikka and Dai, who are attending the meeting. Shiki reveals that Haiduki was in high spirits, and the two got called for another offer. Tsubasa comments that he can’t wait to see what’s coming. He received a text and asked Shiki about his plains after this event. Shiki replies that Keito says he is coming to Tokyo and he will wait for him at the dorm.

Previously on TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 Episode 1

Tsubasa is glad that his sister is coming to Tokyo, and Shiki is surprised that Tsubasa had a sister. Later in the mall, the guy in a black suit saw a purse on the floor and told the purse’s owner that she dropped her bag. The lady took her wallet and thanks the guy for his kindness. That guy looks at the poster and notices that this lady resembles Tsubas and wonders if the two are related. They both look at each other, wondering what is happening.

They both head in the same direction, and the lady wonders why this guy is following her. The guy wonders why this lady is infront of him and ends up in the same store buying some drinks. The lady wonders if the guy is spying on her, and he keeps on following her. The lady begins to run and tries to get out of his sight, and that guy starts to walk faster. She wonders if something terrible might happen, but she ends up arriving at her location.

Ohara Unit



They are both at the same dorm, and the lady told the receptionist if this guy is from here. The receptionist replies that the guy is not from around, and the lady said that this guy has been following her everywhere she goes. The receptionist confronts the guy, but Tsubasa and Shiki arrive. Tsubasa asks Mina what she is doing here, and she said this guy is up to something. Shiki approaches that guy since he knows him, and they greet each other.

Shiki said the guy is Keito and Tsubasa great Kaito calling him brother: Mina realizes that Keito followed her to see if she is Tsubasa’s sister. Mina finds that Keito is Shiki’s brother and apologizes for suspecting him; Keito told Mina not to worry since they are not twin brothers. Shiki asks Mina if she is Tsubasa’s younger sister and said that they look the same. Tsubasa comments that Mina looks beautiful, trying to make Shiki compliments his sister.

The lady said she is Mina Okui, and she is glad to meet with them. Rikka enjoyed playing around alone. Sora Ohara also arrived and talked about something along with Morihito Arihara, a Soara unit member. Soshi Kagurazaka notices that Sora might get hurt and told him to be careful. Nozomu Nanase also joins the conversation, and Ren told Nozomu to get down since he is climbing a ladder. In the evening, the two brothers had excellent conservation and reunited. The boys enjoy drinking canned coffee brought by Keito.

Tsukipro-The Animation 2 Episode 2 Release Date

The latest Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 2 release date is 14 July 2021. TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 online on HIDIVE.

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