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Preview & Recap: TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 6

TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy

TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 6 is arriving soon. Makoto and his crew helped a little girl named Rinnon to find Hasegawa, who went missing for over a month. Several months have passed ever since Makoto got transported to an Isekai because of his parents. Makoto has learned that there are beings who resemble Earth’s humans and demihumans and monsters in this world. Only humans get seen as unique by the Goddess, and they receive various blessings among those races. Goddess treats humans well, and humans are all beautiful, and she evened learned the languages.

One day, Demons started wars with humans all across the land, and the Goddess decided to summon a hero. Makoto arrives, and the Goddess despises Makoto even humans rejected him. To find his parents ‘ path, Makoto decides to set on a journey with Mio and Shen, the dragon that turned into a lady named Tomeo. They encounter a scoundrel named Mils Ace who is responsible for the destruction of the country. The magical spells set on town begin to explode, and Mio punishes Ace for destroying the city.

After freeing incent humans, Makoto and the rest of the crew head to the next village called Tsige. The episode title is ”The Greedy Wagon’s Journey.” The following day, Makoto and his team arrive at the first base after leaving Zetsuya. The lady at the inn working as receptionist can’t believe that Zetsuya got destroyed. The guy walking with Makoto reveals that a horde of terrifying monsters laid waste to the town. The townsfolk managed to escape, but everything got destroyed.

Previously on TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 5

Makoto is glad that Tomeo used her powers to save them from that powerful blast. He realizes that the adventures’ memories have got altered, except for Toa and Rinon. The receptionist lady asks if there are still a monster at Zetsuya and the guy narrating the monster’s story replies that Tomoe and Mion chased them off. Tomoe and Mion are over level one thousand. The receptionist thinks that the guy is lying since no human can surpass that level. Makoto told the lady that they have registered as adventurers in Zetsuya. The lady realizes that Zetsuya got destroyed before their information gets shared.

TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy


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The lady told the crew that they would have to re-register in Tsige. Mikota realizes that registration takes time, and talk with Tomoe reminds her that a contest of strength between her and Mio led them to this situation. He narrates the story about Samurai that once wandered harsh lands alone to hone their skills. Tomeo realizes that if she becomes like that Samurai, she can increase her level and receives many praises from Makoto. Makoto learns that she has fallen for that, and he has a task for her. Tomeo asks Makoto to grant her permission to become a knight errant.

Makota agrees and sends Tomoe to do that task, and he realizes that he tricked her, and it worked. Mio wonders if Tomoe is leaving for training, and she might surpass her if she is left behind. But she ends up having an idea that she will spend more time seducing Makoto. Mio got disappointed when they travel, and the others girls block her way to sit near Makoto. Tao apologizes for getting in the way, and she knows that Mio is Makoto’s girlfriend. Later Makoto receives a powerful costume.

TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 6 Release Date

TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 6 release date is 11 August 2021, Wednesday at 11:00 PM. The new episode of TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy will release every Wednesday. This anime will conclude the episode finale after five episodes. Let’s look at the TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Chrunyroll preview below.

Where To Watch TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 6?

You can watch TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 6 online on Crunchyroll, ANIPLUS, and VRV. TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy is available on its Twitter account, website, and other platforms. The latest episodes of TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy are available on Crunchyroll with English subtitles as soon as the anime releases; let’s meet next time after TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy releases the latest episode. You can look at Spoilers & Preview: TSUKIMICHI-Moonlit Fantasy Episode 5.

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