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Truth Be Told Season 2: Release Date, Plot & Cast

Truth Be Told Season 2
(Credits: Apple TV+)

Truth Be Told premiered on the 6th of December, 2019 on Apple TV+. The American TV series belongs to the drama genre and is based on a book named, “Are You Sleeping,” by Kathleen Barber. Nichelle Tramble Spellman is the writer as well as the creator of the show. Legally Blonde actress Reese Witherspoon is the executive producer. John Paesano composed the soundtrack. The episodes of the show were also shown by the New York’s Paley Centre. On the 5th of March, 2020, Apple extended Truth Be Told for a season 2. The show is based on Poppy Parnell, played by Octavia Spencer, who is a true-crime podcaster.

Poppy investigates the case surrounding a murder in which a father of two identical twins, was killed. The conviction rested on Warren Cave. It was Poppy who had claimed him as the murderer. As the show rides on, Poppy is confused as to where guilt ends and innocence begins. She is doubting herself that maybe Cave never committed the crime, and she all but made an innocent man get convicted. Warren Cave is played by Aaron Paul, while Hunter Doohan plays his younger version. The identical twins are played by Lizzy Caplan. Markus Killebrew, Poppy’s old friend and a retired detective, is played by Mekhi Phifer. Poppy also has two younger sisters. They are Desiree Scoville and Cydie Scoville played by Tracie Thoms and Haneefah Wood respectively. Shreve Scoville is Poppy’s father and acting in his role is Ron Cephas Jones.

Cast Truth Be TOLD

The Cast with Executive Producer Reese Witherspoon (Source: Apple)

Truth Be Told Season 1: Spoilers and Plot

The Retrial of the Case:

Two decades after a sixteen-year-old Warren is convicted for the culpable homicide of one Chuck Burnham, he gets a retrial. Through this, new shreds of evidence come to the forefront. These indicate that one of the twins, Lanie’s testimony wasn’t really consistent. Consequently, Poppy is brought forward as a witness. This was because she became renowned after her report on the crime. However, the judge decides to let go of the appeal because Lanie is in a delicate state of mind. This makes Poppy feel overwhelmed with guilt, and she takes to her podcast to retell the events of the criminal case. She visits Warren, and Lanie, the latter refuses to participate. Her visit to Warren is not fruitful, as he is seen to have various Nazi tattoos on him.

Poppy Parnell

Poppy Parnell (Credits: Apple TV+)

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The Other Twin:

In her second visit, Warren reveals that he used to break into Burnham’s house for tablets and pills. The show suggests that Warren was in the house that fateful night, and left after hearing noises. It could be what Lanie saw. Warren comes to know about his mother’s diagnosis. Owen Cave, who is Warren’s father, meets up with Poppy. And according to him, his son deserves prison. Markus and Poppy seek out Josie, who is the other twin. Additionally, she never appeared at court, and neither did she testify.


(Credits: Apple TV+)

Markus pursues Lanie, who is with her aunt, Susan. They get into a car and Lanie questions her aunt about the whereabouts of her twin sisters. Before Susan could answer, her phone rings and Josie is the caller. However, Susan panics and crashes the car. Subsequently, she dies of her injuries. Markus retrieves Susan’s phone and gives it to Poppy.

Truth Be Told Season 2

A Still (Source: IMDb)

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The Affair:

Apparently, Josie Burnham had been living under another identity. But she does listen to Poppy’s voicemails. Lanie is shown to be searching for her sister’s location. Further, Warren is warned to not meet with Poppy by his father, Owen. On the other hand, Poppy favourably finds Josie and asks her for help. Through Josie, they find out that Melanie Cave, Warren’s mom, was engaged in an affair with Chuck Burnham. This makes Owen a suspect. In the prison, Warren is stabbed. Poppy isn’t allowed to see Warren but through her friend Jerbic, communicates with him.


Markus (Credits: Apple TV+)

Turns out Warren knew of the affair and even had told Owen about it. Poppy and Markus continue to build the case and follow the prime suspect’s activities on the night of the crime. Although Poppy tries to let go of the case but is unsuccessful. She finds a new suspect in the seventh episode and in the 8th episode, the actual events of the night come to the light.

Truth Be Told Season 2

Warren Cave (Source: IMDb)

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Truth Be Told Season 2: Release Date and Where to Watch

In Season 2 of Truth Be Told we’ll see Olivia Spencer as Poppy once more. Now, she will be investigating a new case. Truth Be Told Season 2 will release only on Apple TV+ on August the 20th, Friday at 7 AM GMT. Fans can watch the show on Apple TV+ through the Apple TV app, which is already installed on Apple devices. Likewise, you can also watch it online on Apple TV’s website.

Truth Be Told Season 2: Cast

Octavia Spencer, an Academy Award winner, will be reprising her role in the second season. She won her Oscar for her role as a supporting actress in the movie, “The Help.” Additionally, she also has to her name, three nominations for the Oscars. Joining her for this season is Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson will be playing as Micah Keith. Hudson herself has an oscar nomination to her name. In addition to that, she even has a Golden Globe award. Markus Phifer, Tracie Thoms and Haneefah Wood will also be reprising their roles.

Kate Hudson and Octavia Spencer

Kate Hudson and Octavia Spencer in Season 2 of Truth Be Told (Credits: Apple TV+)

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