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True To The Game 3: A Third Installment Makes It Way To Continue The Trilogy

True To The Crime 3 Everything We Know
From True To The Crime Trilogy Featuring Columbus Short As Quadir Richards

If you don’t get enough of a crime drama, brace yourselves because a movie franchise is returning to complete a story it left. True To The Crime Franchise debuting in 2017, has stayed strong referring to the books of the same name by Teri Brooks. Now True To The Game 3 comes in to continue the story. Staying true to the context, the movie serves as a perfect crime thriller involving romantic elements as well. The continuing storyline carrying a similar notion along with Columbus Short’s acting is something to look at. So after leaving True To The Game: Gena’s story amidst. The stakes are high in the third sequel as it sees the characters fighting against time. This time David Wolfgang sits on the director’s chair, joined by Manny Halley, Yolanda Halley, and Rodney Turner II as the producers.

True To The Game trilogy for the past two movies have followed a one-way straightforward storyline. Telling the story of Quadir, who once was a crime lord but is now changing his ways. Eventually facing new life challenges and love amidst them. But the new change came with a price as he gets to hunt down along with the love in which he saw his new life. Where it would leave him would be followed in True To The Game 3, taking the due on a cliffhanger from the second film. The return of Quadir from the dead. How did it happen? What would happen to Gena, and what are Jerrell’s next moves? Let’s take a look at everything we know about True To The Game 3 piece by piece.

True To The Game 3 Release Date

True To The Game 3 is releasing on 13 August 2021 in the United States Of America. The movie will be releasing in limited theatres with all the safety precautions taken. The movie serves as a sequel to the second film in the True To The Game trilogy now. The first film titled “True To The Game” was originally released on September 8, 2017. It was followed by a sequel titled “True to the Game 2: Gena’s Story. The second film ended on an open note leaving another film to follow in to continue the story. All three movies take cues from Teri Brooks Novels of the same name. You can stream the first two films in the True To The Game trilogy are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Plot – There Are A Total 72 Hours

According to the official synopsis of True To The Game 3, the trilogy will pick up after Quadir reveals himself to Gena. The first film in the trilogy saw the powerful drug lord Quadir trying to make a new life for himself. Eventually falling for a girl named Gena. But Quadir’s past life didn’t leave him behind, constantly interfering leaving his new relationships hurt. The scenario eventually leaves his rival Jerrell shooting Quadir down. The second film in the trilogy, as in True to the Game: Gena’s Story sees Gena unknowingly fall for Jerrell, the man behind her previous love Quadir’s death. The scenario eventually leads her to find out until a not-so-dead Quadir makes his presence felt to rescue her.

The Story For True To The Game 3

From True To The Crime Trilogy Featuring Columbus Short As Quadir Richards and Erica Peeples as Gena Hollins

The third film continues at the same spot as Gena finds out about her savior Quadir. Now she has a total of 72 hours to go back to Bria and Gah Git and let them know about her further plans. But the thing is, it’s not easy as it seems. While Gena continues to execute her plans, there are feds behind us piecing the things together. Joining them is none other than Detective Davis and Grant. But they are in for something more, which comes in the form of money.

Saleem on the other hand is on his journey to reach Jerrell, which comes with its risks. Now the question remains if Gena makes out in time to meet Bria and Gah Git. Plus, at the same following team leave the city. Plus, with Jerrell having a bullseye on Quadir’s back, is it worth it for him to let Gena go back to Philly. It’s all about the time and who makes most of it by surviving and staying true to the game. As of now, there is no official trailer for True To The Game 3, but so far, it looks promising.

The Cast Joining The Third Installment

Everyone Joining The Third Installment Of True To The Game 3

From True To The Crime Trilogy Featuring Columbus Short As Quadir Richards and Erica Peeples as Gena Hollins

True To The Game 3 will see the majority of the cast from the previous two films returning. Columbus Short joins the film as Quadir Richards along with Erica Peeples as Gena Hollins, Andra Fuller as Jerrell Jackson, Jeremy Meeks as Saleem, Jeremy Miller as Detective Derek, and Kinyumba Mutakkabir as Detective Mike. Also joining the cast is Starlett DuPois as Gah-Git and Iyana Halley as Bria. Apart from them, we may also see Malike Barnhardt as Titus, Omar Gooding as Nino, Harvey B. Jackson as Phil Daughtery, Niata “Lil Mama” Kirkland as Alia, Kris D.Lofton as Terell, Darius McCray as Detective Joe. Lastly joining the cast are Lisa Renee Pits as Viola and Paul Saucido as Carlos.

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