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True Beauty Webtoon Ending Explained

True Beauty Webtoon Ending

In this article, we will be talking about True Beauty Webtoon Ending. There may be many webtoons that are like True Beauty, but it is a fact that the webtoon is one of its kind. It is an overall good story that becomes boring in between but ends with an unpredictable surprise. The art style and comedy factors made it enjoyable. This webtoon is a viral series written by Yaongyi and turned out to be a huge hit. For quite a long time, it was the No. 1 on the charts. This attracted more people because of the second lead turns and twists. In love triangles, it’s the second lead that always gets sympathy but does not get the girl. Oops, is that how it ends?. It is all here in this article, True Beauty Webtoon’s Ending Explained.

True Beauty has to offer a lot to its readers. It gives the world a very beautiful message of what True Beauty is. How we can help others cope with their low self-esteem. The main leads are really relatable. A guy who secretly struggles with PTSD caused due to the death of his best friend, smart and handsome. An insecure girl who is bullied by others for being ugly and her transformation to a beautiful goddess. And the other guy who wants to become a singer but cannot balance it with his love life. It is highly recommended this one!.

Plot: What’s the webtoon about

True Beauty webtoon ending

Ju -Kyung’s real face vs after transformation face

As the name suggests, itself True Beauty is about what is actual beauty in the true sense.  The story revolves around a young girl Ju-Kyung who uses makeup to hide how she really looks. She has constantly been mistreated by her family and bullied by enemies because of the perception that she looks ugly. This constant hatred and unfair treatment break her heart, and she, in order to fix her broken life, starts watching makeup videos on the Internet. Learning from the videos, she becomes really an expert and decides to give herself a makeover. After that gorgeous transformation, she becomes quite popular and now is perceived as attractive. Her fame and newfound beauty consequently lead her to a real relationship with real boys.

Yes, you read it right. 2 boys, who are the most handsome and most popular in the school. Lee Su-ho and Han Seo- jun happens to be best friends. Chapters 1 to 58 describe the high school life of Ju- Kyung. Amidst all the fame and relationship, Su ho’s best friend commits suicide, and his friendship with his other best friend Seo Jun shatters into pieces. He feels guilty about not being able to save his best friend even though he was the last one to speak with Se-Yeon before he committed suicide. Then as the story progresses, Ju Kyung enters the college phase, and everyone, including her boyfriend Seo Jun gets busy with their lives. Su ho had already become a cold-hearted person and departed to Japan before college started. Ju-Kyong breaks up with her boyfriend, and Su-ho returns from Japan.

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True Beauty Ending explained

As the chapters progress, Ju- Kyung helps her friend Soo-jin with her abusive boyfriend and supports her through all her decisions. Ju in high school used to get jealous of Soo- jin’s beauty, but now she realizes that her beauty was rather a burden. Amidst all this, Ju gets close with So -hu, who was her first love, and Su- ho and Seo- jin still continue to fight over Ju-Kyung. But she can’t end up with both the boys she has to go for one. We start expecting that she is going to end up with So -hu because he has been so caring and loving always. Turn of events takes place, and as the webtoon reaches its end, there comes a surprise for the readers. It breaks my heart to say this, but Seo-Jin is endgame peeps.

True Beauty webtoon ending

Ju -Kyung with Seo- Jin

With many plus points like the amazing art styles and unique characters, but has some negatives too. I won’t be just blabbering about all the plus points but also try to explore the negatives as well. The story sometimes becomes illogical, and the main character has no character development from the first episode until the last one. The story gets boring and feels dragged out. It keeps getting repetitive as Yaongyi’s story lacks excitement and logic. Like the unpredictable ending. She, however, started it really impressively, but later the story lost its purpose of true beauty. Overall it’s a balanced storyline that can be given a shot. Moreover, it’s a K- Drama now, You can watch that too.

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