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True Beauty Episode 162: Release Date & Preview

True Beauty Episode 162
True Beauty Episode 162

Things have finally settled down after an intense confrontation between Suho and Seojun, with True Beauty Episode 162 coming next. The recent episodes of the webtoon saw the two quarrel for Jungyeong’s attention which ended up with them fighting. But after talking things over, they decided to bury the hatched and understood what was going. 

This is all coming after Jungyeong attended Eeojun’s music video shoot. She had no idea what was going on when she got invited. So she was surprised later on when she found out that the event she will be attending was Seojun’s music video shoot. 

Before this, Jungyeong went out with her friend together with Suho. It was at this moment where Suho realized that he would have to take matters into his hands and tell Jungyeong how he feels about her. Then this led to Suho offering to pick up Jungyeong after she was done with the music video shoot so that she won’t have to return home by herself.

On the other hand, Seojun was looking forward to getting back together with Jungyeong. But he planned it for later as he now has to focus on his newly found career that seems to be flourishing. The music shoot was a bit awkward for Seojun, who was flustered by the fact that Jungyeon was his makeup artist for the shoot. 

The recent episodes have focused more on what has been happening between Suho and Jungyeon, with their mutual friend Sujin playing an assisting role. Jungyeon has been with Seojun, but that was a while back, and now that their paths have crossed once again.  Seojun was hoping that things will be different this time, but he was shocked later on when he saw Suho coming to pick her up.

True Beauty Chapter 163

True Beauty Chapter 163

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Previously on True Beauty Episode 161

Suho came to pick up Jungyeong from Seojun’s music video shoot. Earlier on, Jungyeon seemed to be having a good time and also caught up with how Seojun has been doing. They talked a little about their future plans, with both of them asserting that they would put their careers first. 

This came as reassuring to Seoujun, who was thinking of trying to rekindle things again with Jungyeong later on down their careers. But when Suho came to pick her up, he got more jealous after he found them kissing. All of his hope has been blown away, and this made him wonder if Jungyeong was telling the truth earlier when she said that she was not seeing anyone.

Later on, Seojun arranged for some time out to have drinks with Suho. He was planning on asking him about his relationship with Jungyeong. Because he was no confusion and was not really sure what is happening between them. It was difficult for him to bring up the topic, but he ended up asking him. 

He was a bit relieved to hear Suho tell him that they are not dating. But Suho also told him that he intends to take things to the next step with Jungyeon since he lies to her and he knows that she likes him as well. 

This was the matter that sparked a fight between them, with Suho expressing that he has no intention of backing out. And Seojun telling him that he is trying to fix things between them. Their fight did not last that long, and luckily it was not as violent. So they had to understand that whatever happens, whoever loses should accept defeat and leave the other one in peace. This marked the end of the tension between them that has been going on for a while. 

True Beauty Episode 162 Release Date

True Beauty Episode 162 will be released on 8 September 2021. New episodes are usually released once a week every Wednesday. With the latest episode released a few hours ago, then we should expect the next one to be released next Wednesday around the same time. 

The episode will also go by True Beauty Chapter 163.  So we should get to see how things will proceed between Suho and Jungyeon as they have finally got to know how they feel about each other.

True Beauty

True Beauty

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