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Recap & Preview: True Beauty Episode 12

True Beauty Episode 12

The long-awaited True Beauty Episode 12 is soon going to be released. One of the most popular shows today, True Beauty has earned massive success since its premiere. Packed with light comedy and a tad bit of romance, True Beauty is one of the best Korean dramas today. In this article, we are going to tell you everything about this show, its upcoming episode, and other things. So, let’s dive in without any further delay!

True Beauty- The hot Korean Drama

True Beauty- The hot Korean Drama

Having released its first episode back in December 2020, True Beauty has gained huge appreciation from the critics. Not only the actors are lauded for their acting skills but also the showrunners as well as the writers. All of them contributed their bit to make the South Korean drama worth watching. To know the release date of the upcoming episode, just jump to the next section.

True Beauty Episode 12 Release Date and Where to Watch?

It has now been confirmed by the makers that True Beauty Episode 12 will be released on January 21, 2021, that is on Thursday, at 22:30( Korean Standard Time). You can enjoy watching the episode on as well as other OTT platforms like Viu and Prime Video. The makers drop all-new episodes of the rom-com every Wednesday or Thursday. Following the pattern, the show will be released this Thursday.

True Beauty Episode 12 to be released soon

True Beauty Episode 12 to be released soon

The last episode of the TV series was released on January 20, 2021. The makers didn’t make the audience wait for long. And, they are all set to drop yet another episode of the popular show. Watching the beautiful actors on screen is nothing less than a blessing to our eyes. Thus, get ready to get glued to your seats again as the highly anticipated episodes are going to be released within a few hours. Well, if you haven’t been following up on the series and wish to know what previous episodes of True Beauty had in store for the audience, just go through the next section.

You can watch True Beauty Episode 12 online on Rakuten Viki all over the world.

Previously On True Beauty

Keep reading the section to know what all this episode had in store for the viewers. It was nothing less than a rollercoaster ride that gave a gushing experience to the fans. In the previous episode, Joo Kyung encountered Soo Jin as the class got over. Soo Jin revealed that she has been dating Suho and how Suho has been helping her. This makes Joo Kyung shut herself. And, she refrains from telling her that she has been dating Suho.

Joo Kyung meets a choice

Later, Joo Kyung mustered up the strength to tell her the truth. This makes Soo Jin upset and she yells at her for dating Suho secretly. After a series of events, Suho asks the girls if they’d like to study with him. Soo Jin agrees while Joo Kyung denies it. Therefore, Suho goes to meet her at a comic store. He gives her some medicines and also her favorite dish.

Soo Jin admits her feelings to Suho

As Soo Jin confesses to him about her feelings for him, Suho says that he’s already in a relationship with someone. But, Soo Jin takes a picture with him. As Joo Kyung comes across the photo, she gets puzzled. Thus, she sets up her mind to avoid Suho and begins to spend more time with her modeling partner, Seojun.

Suho and Joo Kyung- Close up of the cute couple

Suho and Joo Kyung- Close up of the cute couple

But, watching Joo and Seojun together makes him furious. And, he rushes to Joo Kyung’s place to meet her. But, out of surprise, he finds both Joo and Seojun working. As feelings take over, Suho gets into a fight with him which makes Joo Kyung leave the place. The two, then leave her house after some time, they are hit by a car.  This happened just after their fight got over as they learned something about their late friend. Rest assured, True Beauty Episode 12 will truly make you feel the adrenaline rush in your bodies with the stories that are yet to be discovered!

This episode ended on a cliffhanger and since then the audience has been wondering what turn the show might take. To know if they’ll survive and who will Joo Kyung chose, do watch True Beauty Episode 12. And, don’t miss out on anything that the show has to amuse the fans!

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